Beautiful People, Vol. 1: Valentine Edition

Beautiful People 1

Beautiful People is a monthly blog meme hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In. Every month they pose 10 questions for writers to answer about – what else? – their writing. 

I discovered Beautiful People last week through fellow writer-bloggers Grace & Steele. As soon as I realized this was a writing-related meme, I knew I should join in. 🙂

And since it’s a Valentine’s edition, guess what this month’s topic is? Yup – fictional couples from our stories! Here are my answers to Cait and Sky’s questions, focusing on my WIP’s protagonist Eva and her love interest Aurek.

1. How long have they been a couple? 

Eva and Aurek meet for the first time in this story. So, not very long at all.

2. How did they first meet?

That’s spoiler territory! 😉 Let’s just that at the end of Chapter 2, Eva threatens to kill Aurek. (Nice way to meet a future love interest, right?)

3. What were their first thoughts of each other? (Love at first sight or “you’re freakishly annoying”?) 

Eva’s first thoughts about Aurek are crystal clear, probably because I’m writing the story from her POV. They go something like, “His people killed my parents! Let me cut his throat!” Of course, since I’m writing from Eva’s perspective, understanding Aurek’s first thoughts about Eva was more of a challenge. If I consider his perspective during the scene where they meet, he’s most likely thinking, “Was that a Faerie woman who attacked me?”

4. What do they do that most annoys each other?

They’re both stubborn. When one refuses to compromise, it irritates the other.

5. Are their personalities opposite or similar? 

A little of both. They’re loyal to each other and to other characters they care about. They’re also practical and share similar values, including the well-being of their own races. Aurek’s more patient and tactful than Eva, however, while she’s more direct and emotional. They balance each other out, which I think is important.

6. How would their lives be different without each other? 

Eva wouldn’t have learned to let go of her past – and her vengeance – if it she hadn’t met Aurek. As for Aurek, he wouldn’t have been able to reclaim his people’s kingdom – or found a woman he considers to be his equal – if hadn’t met Eva.

7. Are they ever embarrassed of each other? 

I don’t think so. At least not yet…

8. Does anyone disapprove of their relationship? 

Aurek’s older brother Drasten despises Eva. Then again, she doesn’t like him that much, either. Then there’s the issue of the two of them being together in the first place, since Eva is one of the seven Councilors of Selanaan, and Councilors are forbidden from being in romantic relationships… 😮

9. Do they see their relationship as long-term/leading to marriage?

They haven’t been together long enough to think that far ahead yet.

10. If they could plan the “perfect outing” together, where would they go? 

Either the tropical rainforest of Suderland or the seacoast cliffs near the harbor city of Maratel. Those are the first two places in their world that come to mind. But honestly, they cherish whatever time they can spend together, which isn’t much.

Hope you enjoyed this first edition of Beautiful People! I know the information above isn’t much to go on for either character and their relationship. However, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them below!

25 thoughts on “Beautiful People, Vol. 1: Valentine Edition

  1. Yay, I’m so glad you did this! It’s such a fun meme.

    I love the sound of these characters and that they meet when she threatens to kill him! Makes her sound beyond awesome. Also, I feel like I’m sensing some forbidden love? That’s one of my favorite things in a book, makes things interesting.

    Happy writing! =)

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    • Thanks, Alex! And you’re welcome for the link-up. 🙂

      Part of Eva’s backstory is that when she was 5 years old, her parents were killed (and Eva injured) in an attack led by members of Aurek’s race. (Aured himself wasn’t involved.) As a result, she’s very prejudiced – even vengeful – towards Aurek and his men when they first meet. The story’s “internal” plot then becomes Eva learning how to let go of her hatred toward and desire for vengeance against the Mountain Men. I wasn’t sure how much detail I should have included in the answers above – I didn’t want them to be too long! *lol*

      And yes, there is a forbidden love element in this story. 😉


  2. These are fun! I’ve never actually posted one though. haha I like that she threatens to kill him when they meet. Ooh sounds like forbidden love too! I find it’s helpful to write from my other characters points of view sometimes to get inside their heads, even though I don’t use it in the book. Sounds like they’re relationship isn’t going to be an easy one. I like the sounds of it though!

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    • 😀 I hope people do like their relationship once they read about it. That’s the scary thing about writing: You live inside your characters’ world for so long, you become afraid of the flaws you might be blind to. So I won’t know for sure until my beta-readers have a go at it.

      Yes, in a way, it is a forbidden love. More so on Eva’s end than on Aurek’s. It’ll make more sense once people read the actual story. 😉

      I’ve been considering writing a novella from Aurek’s POV at some point, just to truly get to know him better… But considering I have another novella idea that’s much clearer in my mind – plus, I’ve got the novel itself – that idea’s probably a long time down the road. *lol*

      Thanks for commenting, Molly!

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  3. Great blog! I’m always excited when I stumble across a fellow fantasy writer. I found you from the link-up, but I’ve been on Grace&Steele’s blog as well. Their WIPs are great.

    There’s a part of me that adores when the potential love interests are both stubborn. The drama is exciting. But most of me is beyond frustrated. LMAO! After reading about half of the link-ups, it’s refreshing to see a slightly different tack on different questions from different bloggers. For yours it was number eight; the brother who hated Eva. Veeery interesting.

    Suderland and Maratel are great names. I’m intrigued! I wanna find out more about them. But what caught my interest the MOST is the Counsellors of S!! So my main question is… will you be doing any more posts on this? c:

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    • Thanks, Ashana! I have to admit, I’ve been really shy with this first Beautiful People post, and only lurked around everyone’s articles. But I’ll make sure to check yours out again and reply this time. 🙂

      Oh yes. Drasten (Aurek’s brother) and Eva do NOT like each other. Though by the end of the WIP, Eva will tolerate Drasten more than he tolerates her. I haven’t written their final exchange yet, but I’m already giggling about it. *lol*

      I’ve actually been doing a lot of posts about the WIP in an article series called Chronicling The Craft. If you check out my post categories, or go to the Memes & Series Index page, you’ll find them that way. And I’d like to continue with the Beautiful People meme, too. What other kinds of questions have Sky and Cait(?) asked before?


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  5. I like this idea. I think I’ll check out the site/meme and think about whether it’s something I’d like to do. I think it might help with aspects of the story you’re writing, maybe make you think about things you hadn’t thought of before, like aspects of a relationship, for instance.

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    • “I think it might help with aspects of the story you’re writing, maybe make you think about things you hadn’t thought of before, like aspects of a relationship, for instance.”

      You know, I made that same observation last night when I was filling out my answers for this month’s (April’s) Beautiful People. Despite all the character building and relationship “figuring out” I’ve done for TKC, I can’t possibly think of every angle on my own. So I’m grateful for following the meme so far. Let me know if you ended up joining in!

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