Thank-You’s for the GoFundMe Campaign


In the winter of 2016 – 2017, I ran a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a trip to the 2017 Iceland Writers Retreat. This event, which will take place April 5th through 9th, will bring together writers from around the world for workshops, networking, and cultural immersion in this small European island through countryside tours and excursions in Reykjavik. For me, this retreat will be more than another writing event or my first trip abroad. It will also be my first opportunity to visit the country whose geography and wildlife inspired the northern latitudes of the fictional world I created for one of my stories.

Thanks to the generous donations of 38 backers, I was able to raise $2564 toward the trip’s costs. Now, as part of one of the promised perks, I’m listing the donors’ names on this page. Without their support, encouragement, and enthusiasm, this trip wouldn’t be possible. (*hugs*)

Justin Boyer, Brittany Capozzi, Kendell Clark, Jeri & Rick Coffey, Jaclyn Cucinotta, Shay Emory, Cindy Harnden, Emily Hayse, Ariel Hudnall, Helena Jean-Louis, Suzanne Jette, Sandra Jordan, Shannon Kelly, Shirley & Bob Letourneau, Sara Litchfield, Jessica Matteliano, Bethany Mazza & Peter Letourneau, Kaitlin Moynahan, Jodi Moore, Michael Rosati, Leanne Sowul, Andriana Toli, Victoria Grace Tucker, Noel & Larry Walsh, and 12 anonymous donors

Takk fyrir! (“Thank you very much” in Icelandic)

***NOTE: The campaign is currently still open to donations. Click here to visit the GoFundMe page and learn how you can benefit through various perk levels.***