New Poem Featured in Winter 2021 Issue of Soul-Lit

Today I’m happy to share that my poem “Moose Hill Street Lullaby” is featured in the Winter 2021 issue of Soul-Lit! This isn’t the first time my work has been published in this online journal of spiritual poetry (“Learning to Be” and “Elegy” have also been published there), so it’s wonderful to continue to be a part of their community of contributors.

“Moose Hill Street Lullaby” is particularly a special poem for me. I wrote it after a difficult time with anxiety and insomnia in 2019. During that period, I was still working part-time in an office setting, and I’d purposely avoid the highway traffic by taking a more scenic route. The road mentioned in the title was one of the roads on that soothing route. If you live near Sharon, Massachusetts, or ever have the chance to visit the Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, take a few minutes to follow Moose Hill Street to its end. It’s quiet, winding, and lovely.

Click here to read “Moose Hill Street Lullaby” at Soul-Lit.

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