Interviews and Guest Posts at Other Sites

Below are links to interviews and guest posts I’ve done at other blogs and websites. If you’d like to invite me to post at your site, or if you’re looking to write a guest post for me to feature at this blog, please check out the Guest Posting Policy page.



NEW! 3/1/2020: “Interview with Editor and Poet Sara Letourneau” (Jenny Knipfer – Author)


5/29/2019: “#GirlsRock: An Interview with Editor and Coach Sara Letourneau” (Coach Daddy)

5/13/2019: “Game Changer Interview: Sara Letourneau” (SheBreathes)


8/10/2018: “Sara Letourneau: An Interview” (The Articles of Antiquity)

3/7/2018: “PBE 000: Meet the DIY MFA Team” (DIY MFA Radio Podcast, available for free on DIY MFA’s Patreon page)


5/25/2016: “An Interview With… Sara Letourneau” (Little Novelist)

3/22/2016: “Tolkien Talk: Sara Letourneau” (Pages Unbound)


7/1/2015: “July 2015’s Featured Novel Lady: Sara Letourneau, Blogger and Fantasy Writer” (She’s Novel)

5/15/2015: “Getting to Know Your Readers with Sara Letourneau” (Blots & Plots)

5/6/2015: “Episode 41: Behind DIY MFA – Interview with Sara Letourneau” (DIY MFA Radio Podcast)


7/16/2014: “Three Things to Read, Watch, and Use: Sara Letourneau – Writer” (27 Good Things)


Guest Posts


NEW! 3/1/2020: “Writing Poetry: A Spiritual Practice” (Jenny Knipfer – Author)


10/4/2019: “How to Choose the Right Freelance Editor for Your Manuscript” (Well-Storied)

3/21/2019: “Struggling with Writing Flashbacks? Try Using the P.A.S.T. Method” (Writers Helping Writers)


6/15/2017: “How Waterfalls and the Iceland Writers Retreat Restored One Writer’s Faith in Her Craft” (Iceland Writers Retreat)


9/1/2016: “One Fantasy Writer’s Secret Weapon: Archery Lessons” (The Writer’s Guide to Weapons)

4/13/2016: “Profiles of Courage: Compelling Female Characters in Fantasy Who Defy the ‘Strong Female Protagonist’ Stereotype” (Fantasy Cafe)

2/22/2016: “When Wands and Swords Collide: Distinguishing High Fantasy from Epic Fantasy” (WriteOnSisters)


10/18/2015: “Seven Keys to Maintaining Your Writerly Well-Being” (The Sprint Shack)

9/16/2015: “On Soccer Coach Dads and Passion Pursuits” (Coach Daddy)

2/9/2015: “A Pep Talk for Slow Writers” (Wendy Lu Writes)


10/30/2014: “Using Music to Enhance Your Writing” (Grub Street Daily)

6/23/2014: “How to Offer Constructive Feedback that Writers Will Love” (Grub Street Daily)

2/17/2014: “Hello, My Name Is…: Using Journal Writing for Character Development” (Grub Street Daily)

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