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NEW! 2/25/2021: “Interview with Sara Letourneau – Heart of the Story Editorial & Coaching Services” (Wicked Writers Podcast)


3/1/2020: “Interview with Editor and Poet Sara Letourneau” (Jenny Knipfer – Author)


5/29/2019: “#GirlsRock: An Interview with Editor and Coach Sara Letourneau” (Coach Daddy)

5/13/2019: “Game Changer Interview: Sara Letourneau” (SheBreathes)


8/10/2018: “Sara Letourneau: An Interview” (The Articles of Antiquity)

3/7/2018: “PBE 000: Meet the DIY MFA Team” (DIY MFA Radio Podcast, available for free on DIY MFA’s Patreon page)


5/25/2016: “An Interview With… Sara Letourneau” (Little Novelist)

3/22/2016: “Tolkien Talk: Sara Letourneau” (Pages Unbound)


7/1/2015: “July 2015’s Featured Novel Lady: Sara Letourneau, Blogger and Fantasy Writer” (She’s Novel)

5/15/2015: “Getting to Know Your Readers with Sara Letourneau” (Blots & Plots)

5/6/2015: “Episode 41: Behind DIY MFA – Interview with Sara Letourneau” (DIY MFA Radio Podcast)


7/16/2014: “Three Things to Read, Watch, and Use: Sara Letourneau – Writer” (27 Good Things)

Guest Posts


NEW! 3/1/2020: “Writing Poetry: A Spiritual Practice” (Jenny Knipfer – Author)


10/4/2019: “How to Choose the Right Freelance Editor for Your Manuscript” (Well-Storied)

3/21/2019: “Struggling with Writing Flashbacks? Try Using the P.A.S.T. Method” (Writers Helping Writers)


6/15/2017: “How Waterfalls and the Iceland Writers Retreat Restored One Writer’s Faith in Her Craft” (Iceland Writers Retreat)


9/1/2016: “One Fantasy Writer’s Secret Weapon: Archery Lessons” (The Writer’s Guide to Weapons)

4/13/2016: “Profiles of Courage: Compelling Female Characters in Fantasy Who Defy the ‘Strong Female Protagonist’ Stereotype” (Fantasy Cafe)

2/22/2016: “When Wands and Swords Collide: Distinguishing High Fantasy from Epic Fantasy” (WriteOnSisters)


10/18/2015: “Seven Keys to Maintaining Your Writerly Well-Being” (The Sprint Shack)

9/16/2015: “On Soccer Coach Dads and Passion Pursuits” (Coach Daddy)

2/9/2015: “A Pep Talk for Slow Writers” (Wendy Lu Writes)


10/30/2014: “Using Music to Enhance Your Writing” (Grub Street Daily)

6/23/2014: “How to Offer Constructive Feedback that Writers Will Love” (Grub Street Daily)

2/17/2014: “Hello, My Name Is…: Using Journal Writing for Character Development” (Grub Street Daily)

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