Submit Your Questions for Aurek’s Character Interview!

Last summer’s character interview of Eva, the protagonist of my YA fantasy WIP The Keeper’s Curse, was a huge success. I had so much fun answering readers’ questions (and so did Eva *wink*), and the overall response to the interview blew me away. So… anyone game for a second one? 🙂

Our next TKC character interview will be with Aurek Kolsteg, the second most important character after Eva. Like last time, you’ll have an opportunity to ask whatever questions you’d like, and Aurek will answer them. (Of course, it will be me answering in his “voice,” but you get the idea. *lol*)

Instructions for submitting your questions will come after the jump. First, here’s what you need to know about Aurek upfront.

Aurek sort of looks like Thorin Oakenshield, though considerably younger...

Aurek sort of looks like Thorin Oakenshield, though considerably younger – and taller!

Aurek Kolsteg has endured much in his 24 years. He’s one of the Mountain Folk, a race descended from mortal Humans and the semi-immortal shamans (known as the Saaresgard) of the Deep North. For various reasons, other peoples of the Great Isle have feared and loathed the Mountain Folk; and at different points in history (and depending on where one travels in the Great Isle), the Mountain Folk have been subjected to slavery, persecution, and execution.

Aurek is one of the unfortunate yet fortunate. He was born into slavery on a mining plantation and joined his father Hagen in the hard labor when he turned 10 years old. Hagen died four years later – and on their father’s urgent final words, Aurek and his brother Drasten finally escaped, eventually finding safety in the Suderland capital of Sumanhi.

In the decade that followed, Aurek has become a prominent member of Sumanhi’s Mountain Folk refugee community. (Suderland is allies with the Mountain Folk.) His skills with weaponry (especially his broadsword) and physical strength have made him a valuable asset to Sumanhi’s Queensguard, which the Mountain Folk are encouraged to join. His sense of honor, fairness, and loyalty towards his people have also earned him the title of Lord of the Sumanhi Clan, a title he shares with Drasten. Finally, Aurek is an adept gem-healer, using the magic within Great Isle gemstones to alleviate pain, heal injuries, and so on. (Though Aurek is too humble to call himself even a “good” gem-healer.)

Because of his harsh childhood, Aurek isn’t quick to trust. He comes across as stern and stubborn to keep up his guard. Once his trust is earned, however, Aurek reveals his true self. He’s kind, patient, and thoughtful – an ideal companion to share conversation with over a cup of tea or wine. He loves those he’s close to with every fiber of his being and isn’t afraid to ask for help. Also, despite having no formal education, Aurek has taught himself to read and write, and is knowledgeable about his people’s culture, values, and history through stories his father and other slaves had shared.

In The Keeper’s Curse, Aurek leads a small company of Mountain Men into the Fei forest of Kasialonen. The company is heading north to retrieve relics that once belonged to their people – relics that are believed to be inside a Fei-cursed cavern. He knows that enlisting the help of the Fei’s young diplomats, the Council of Selanaan, could be controversial, even dangerous… and thanks to their spitfire Councilor Isonyeva, Aurek’s decision might prove more perilous than he thought.

Want to submit a question(s) for Aurek’s interview? Leave them in the Comments section below by 11:59 PM Eastern on Tuesday, February 16th Tuesday, February 23rd. The interview will post on Tuesday, March 1st.

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23 thoughts on “Submit Your Questions for Aurek’s Character Interview!

  1. Hey, this is a true classic fantasy character, isn’t he? One of those characters I always enjoy and one of the reason why I am a fantasy fan 😉

    You know, I really like the idea of the character interview, though I don’t kno wwhether Ill come up with a question (I’m not very good at these). But if I will, you’ll be the first to know 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s OK, Sarah. 😉 Submissions for questions are open for another two weeks (until Tuesday the 16th). So, if you do think of anything between now and then, you know what to do. 😉 And I’m glad you like your initial impression of Aurek!

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  2. My question – how much does Aurek’s traumatic past shape his present? Does he ever have nightmares, or flashbacks? I understand he is slow to trust, but can he reach out to those from a different background? Does he keep to the company of others who have suffered as he suffered instinctively, or by choice? Um… I’m aware those are a bunch of questions – but really they centre on his ability – or otherwise – to cope and go on coping after such a terrible start.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s OK! They’re all great questions, Sarah. And last time I had let people ask more than one question for Eva, so I was going to do the same thing again this time.

      I’ll put your questions into the queue right now. 😉


  3. Wow he’s had it rough. Aurek, what type of wine and tea do you like? Do you enjoy being a gem healer? Do you have a story about saving someone with gem healing? I hope these are good questions! I’m excited to read another interview!

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  4. Can I stop in for tea and pick his brain already? He sounds like he has a lot of fascinating stuff to share 🙂 And I’m partial to thoughtful people with an affinity for wine and tea.
    Here are a few questions. I’ll try to be conservative . . .

    Since he’s 24 and a Clan Lord, does he ever feel like he’s too young for his position, or doubt his fitness for it? Does co-ruling ever create tension between the brothers, or do they usually agree?

    What would he say his biggest character flaw is? What would other people say his biggest character flaw is?

    Does he have any particular friends or confidants, or is he more of a loner?

    With semi-immortal ancestors, does he expect to have a longer than average lifespan?

    This is a fun idea! I’m looking forward to reading the answers and learning more about Aurek.

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  5. Ooh, I had a few unexpected free minutes tonight, so I’m sneaking in. Aurek sounds like such a fantastic character, Sara! An instant favorite, for sure. Here are my questions for him:

    1) What does Aurek want from life? What would truly make him happy?
    2) Were he and Drasten affected by their hard upbringing in different ways? How did it shape them?
    3) Where does he call home?
    4) If he had the option, would he choose to be a member of a different race/culture?

    Hope these are decent questions! I can’t wait to read the interview 🙂

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  8. Okay, I’m stopping in here for some of that tea everyone seems to be having! 😉 I hope it’s light and fruity, I love those teas.

    With so many great questions already being asked, it’s tough thinking up more! Hmmm…let’s see…
    1) Are the relics he’s searching for so important that he’s willing to risk his and his brother’s life?
    2) Who did he learn gem healing from?
    3) What would his ideal dinner consist of?

    I’ll be waiting, Aurek. Don’t be shy, and tell us all your secrets! 😀

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  10. This is such a great idea. I really liked Eva’s last year so I’m pleased you’re doing it again. The immediate question that a came to mind when I was reading about Aurek’s past was: Would he change it? If he could, would he erase the bad parts and lead a different, easier life? Does he appreciate who his hardships have shaped him to be?

    Looking forward to the post. 🙂

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