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Today I’m visiting Wendy Lu Writes to offer words of encouragement for slow writers. Inspired by my own personal frustrations with my writing “speed,” this article talks about boosting your productivity as a writer as well as embracing your unique writing process. Why both? Because as much as we want to write faster or be more efficient, we can’t criticize ourselves. Think of it as “self-compassion” for the writer. 😉

Click here to read “A Pep Talk for Slow Writers.”

By the way, Wendy is one of my colleagues at DIY MFA, and a fantastic writer. She covers a wide range of interests at her own site, from writing and current events, to food and makeup. If any of those topics pique your interest, make sure to check out her other articles.

4 thoughts on “Guest Blogging Today at Wendy Lu Writes

    • LOL! I know that feeling all too well. Sometimes I’m in the middle of writing a sentence, and my “train of thought” crashed because I can’t figure out how I want to phrase what I’m seeing or feeling. It’s not fun – but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up when it happens.

      Hope you enjoy the article, Molly!


  1. Thank you for writing this post! I am a slow writer and slow thinker much of the time, so this helps. I’m also finding that planning ahead of time with a detailed outline helps me continue moving along writing a story.

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