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Image courtesy of Megan Aufrecht

Writing poetry is extremely rewarding for me. It allows me to express my thoughts and feelings about all sorts of topics: nature, relationships, contemporary issues, and even abstract ideas. Yet, it’s also challenging. Even for someone who loves to write, it takes a great deal of time to write one poem. You have to take rhythm, shape, vocabulary, and other techniques into account – and most importantly, capture the reader’s imagination and emotions. Think of it as rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time, in a literary sense.

Where I’ve Been Published

Below are links to the publications where my poetry has been featured thus far:


From The UV Files (Underground Voices’ 2012 anthology)

More Great Writing By People You’ve Never Heard Of (2009 anthology by The Walpole Writers Group)


“Osprey at Bass River” (forthcoming)

Curry Arts Journal, 40th Anniversary Edition

“Eve of Spring” (October 2013)

“Nightmusic” (October 2013)

“The Critic and the Muse” (October 2013)

Eunoia Review

“At A Loss” (7/27/2012)

“Writing A Memoir” (7/27/2012)

Muddy River Poetry Review

“Breath of a Humpback Whale” (forthcoming)


“Elegy” (7/28/2013)

Underground Voices

“Naked Truth” and “River Runs Red” (same page, 4/1/2012)

Other Published Poetry

Below are exclusive links to my other published poems and creative pieces.

“An Unexpected Life Lesson on a Busy Street

‘Confronting the Enemy”





“Writer’s Block”