Below are links to the publications where my poetry has been featured so far.


From the Farther Shore: Discovering Cape Cod and the Islands Through Poetry (forthcoming)

From The UV Files (Underground Voices’ 2012 anthology)

More Great Writing By People You’ve Never Heard Of (2009 anthology by The Walpole Writers Group)

Amethyst Review

“Gifts” (November 2018)

“How to Pack for Iceland” (December 2018)

“Hraunfossar” (January 2019)

The Aurorean

“Glimpse of a Bald Eagle” (Fall 2019 / Winter 2020)

“Hunter’s Moon” (Fall 2019 / Winter 2020)

“Late Winter Cardinal” (Fall 2019 / Winter 2020)

“Twilight in April” (Spring / Summer 2019)

The Avocet

“Growing Tomatoes” (Summer 2019)

The Bookends Review

“Head of the Table” (August 2019)

Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

“A Strange Easter” (April 2020)


“Osprey at Bass River” (Winter 2018 / 2019)

Curry Arts Journal

“Eve of Spring” (October 2013)

“Nightmusic” (October 2013)

“The Critic and the Muse” (October 2013)

Eunoia Review

“At A Loss” (July 2012)

“Writing A Memoir” (July 2012)

Golden Walkman Magazine

“No Darkness Here (An Ode to Metal Music)” (December 2019)

Mass Poetry’s Poem of the Moment

“Cape Cod: A Geological Origin Story” (May 2019)

Muddy River Poetry Review

“Breath of a Humpback Whale” (Fall 2018)


“Elegy” (Summer 2013)

“Learning to Be” (Summer 2019)

Underground Voices

“Naked Truth” and “River Runs Red” (April 2012)

The Weekly Avocet

“Great Egret in Central Park” (September 2019, email only)