New DIY MFA Article on Dialogue and Themes, Plus a New Worksheet and Writer Igniter Con 2015


The “Developing Themes in Your Stories” series continues at DIY MFA today!  This fourth installment centers on dialogue, one of my favorite aspects of novel-writing. It’s also one of the most common storytelling elements to showcase theme. Using examples and writing exercises, we’ll learn how to explore theme via dialogue through the basic “nuts and bolts” of a conversation, emotional subtext, and repetition.

Click here to read “Developing Themes In Your Stories: Part Four – Dialogue.”

New Worksheet on Themes in Dialogue

It would be silly to stop offering worksheets to go along with the Developing Themes In Your Stories articles now, wouldn’t it? 😉 The Themes In Dialogue Worksheet features the three activities outlined in the above article. Feel free to download, print, and use it when studying literary themes in your WIP’s conversations, arguments, and other interactions between characters.

Click here to visit Worksheets for Writers and download a PDF copy of the Themes In Dialogue Worksheet.

Writer Igniter Con 2015

For all the writers out there: Did you know that DIY MFA is holding its first online conference this fall? Writer Igniter Con 2015, named after the website’s prompt-generator, is happening on Saturday, October 24th and Sunday, October 25th! DIY MFA columnists and friends will be presenting topics ranging from story outlines and revisions, to marketing, social media, and legal terms that writers should know. You’ll also have the opportunity to submit your pitch, query letter, or first manuscript page for critique by a panel of agents. Best of all, you can catch the sessions in real time on the Internet, meaning you won’t have to travel or book a hotel room. You can even wear your pajamas, if you’d like! 😉

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend Writer Igniter Con 2015, but I wanted to spread the word since I’m part of the DIY MFA team. Plus, after catching Gabriela’s and Bess’s presentations at Writer’s Digest Conference recently, I can attest to the quality of the information you’ll receive at what should be a fantastic online event.

Click here to learn more about Writer Igniter Con 2015. Also, DIY MFA is hosting a special giveaway with free registration to the conference as one of the prizes. Check that out here!

Got any questions or suggestions for Theme: A Story’s Soul? Feel free to comment below or tweet me at @SaraL_Writer with the hashtag #AStorysSoul.

6 thoughts on “New DIY MFA Article on Dialogue and Themes, Plus a New Worksheet and Writer Igniter Con 2015

  1. I only glanced briefly at their website today, so I’m not 100% sure what DIY MFA is or how it works, but I’m very interested! How are you liking it, so far? I want an “official” MFA so badly, but I can’t imagine going to school in addition to work right now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Cristina! I’ve been a columnist at DIY MFA for almost a year. So I haven’t taken its flagship program, but I know they’re very affordable compared to typical MFA programs and the information offered is intense yet invaluable. And being a part of the DIY MFA team has been an awesome experience. In fact, I got to meet three of my fellow staffers (founder Gabriela, web editor Bess, and fellow columnist Leanne) at WDC. 😀

      Let me know of the site when you’ve had a chance to visit it!


      • Ohhh okay! I misunderstood and thought at first that you were a student and posting these articles as a part of your program. I understand now!

        I’ll take a look at it eventually and I’ll definitely let you know what I think!

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