Worksheets for Writers

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Character Evolution Files

Journey Through the Character Arc Master Questionnaire (Click to download PDF version)

Did you like the 10 sets of arc stage questions during the Journey Through the Character Arc series? Now you can have all of them in one convenient document! The Journey Through the Character Arc Master Questionnaire is a writer’s “one-stop shop” for plotting a positive arc from the Trigger (Inciting Incident) to the Emergence (Resolution) and outlining a character’s journey of change and growth.

Story Structure & Character Arc Alignment Chart (Click to download PDF version)

Designed as a visual aid to accompany the Character Evolution Files‘ Journey Through the Character Arc, the Alignment Chart shows how different stages of a positive character arc parallel the traditional three-act story structure. Feel free to refer to this chart as you read the Character Evolution Files and/or while constructing your own character arc(s).

Literary Theme Worksheets

Act I Choice Themes Worksheet (Click to download PDF version)

The end of Act I marks a crucial decision for the protagonist. Using the Act I Choice Themes Worksheet, you can explore this plot point and uncover the protagonist’s safe and story options, the consequences of each, and the reason(s) why the protagonist eventually chooses one option over the other.

Character Arc Themes Worksheet (Click to download PDF version)

The Character Arc Themes Worksheet allows you to study aspects of your protagonist’s character arc so you can identify possible themes in your novel. Use this table-formatted worksheet to complete those activities.

External Conflict Themes Worksheet (Click to download PDF version)

Curious about how your story’s external conflict expresses themes? The External Conflict Themes Worksheet can help! It includes activities for brainstorming “what if” scenarios about your story’s external conflict, reasons for your character’s actions, and consequences of those actions.

Inciting Incident Themes Worksheet (Click to download PDF version)

A story’s inciting incident not only launches the protagonist into the main conflict, but it also introduces the story’s literary themes. Use the Inciting Incident Themes Worksheet to craft this first, critically important event by playing to your character’s fears and provoking a strong reaction, then discover possible themes from there.

Premise Themes Worksheet (Click to download PDF version)

The Premise Themes Worksheet is designed to help you develop a story premise (a single sentence that describes what your story is about) and distilling possible themes from it. You’ll draft a story pitch, then break it down to three essential elements before approaching theme.

Protagonist-Antagonist Relationship Themes Worksheet (Click to download PDF version)

This set of brainstorming and writing activities focuses on one of the most important character relationships in a story. By examining the protagonist’s and antagonist’s interactions and opposing goals, you’ll gain a better understanding of why their conflict exists as well as discover possible literary themes.

Themes in Dialogue Worksheet (Click to download PDF version)

How can you let your story’s themes shine through in your dialogue without making them too obvious? That’s what the Themes In Dialogue Worksheet is for! It includes three activities that will help you determine how well your story’s dialogue reveals literary themes through conversation basics, emotional subtext, and repetition.

Themes in Symbolism Worksheet (Click to download PDF version)

If literary themes are ideas or concepts, then symbolism is a vessel for delivering those ideas and concepts. The Themes in Symbolism Worksheet features three activities that can help you identify the two different types of symbols and choose potential symbols that accurately reflect your story’s themes.

Novel Title Brainstorming Worksheets

Novel Title Brainstorming Worksheets (Click to download PDF version)

Inspired by my Chronicling The Craft article on novel title strategies, the Novel Title Brainstorming Worksheets are designed to help you find possible titles for your novels (or screenplays, short stories, etc.). It contains two parts:

  • Worksheet A: Novel Title Source Sheet, which lists tried-and-true sources for titles by story element (e.g., characters, setting, significant objects) and guides writers through activities using these elements
  • Worksheet B: Novel Title Checklist, which poses eight important questions that writers should consider when deciding on a novel title

“Self-Edit Saver” Revision Checklist

“Self-Edit Saver” Revision Checklist (Click to download PDF version)

This template coincides with the blog post “Chronicling The Craft: Draft #2 Revisions – 30% Complete,” and was inspired by the checklist I created to cut down on self-editing during a first draft of a novel. It encourages writers to list potential revisions for their WIP so they’ll feel less tempted to make changes in the middle of drafting. This checklist also allows users to keep track of revision ideas for the next draft, and can be used along with other, more structure-specific revision beat sheets (e.g., “Save the Cat”).

Zodiac Signs & Character Traits Worksheets

Zodiac Signs & Character Traits Worksheets (Click to download PDF)

Are you thinking of basing a character on a specific astrological sign? Do you develop a character’s personality first, then worry about details such as birthdays later? The Zodiac Signs & Character Traits Worksheets, which coincides with the blog post “Which Zodiac Sign Fits Your Character Best?” (available on Thursday, June 9), can help with either. This package contains two worksheets:

  • Worksheet A: “Which Zodiac Sign Fits Your Character Best?” – The Activities, using the content and questions from the blog post.
  • Worksheet B: The Zodiac Signs & Character Traits Chart, which lists the twelve zodiac signs, their calendar date ranges, and 20+ personality traits that are commonly associated with each sign.



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