New at DIY MFA: #5onFri – Five World-Building Tips for Writers of All Genres


Today I’m joining DIY MFA for their weekly series #5onFri (Five on Friday)! It’s where writers list five of something – writing tips, recommended novels, etc. – that fall under a specific theme and have something to do with reading or writing.

For my #5onFri, I decided to share five world-building tips for writers of all genres. If you really think about it, world-building isn’t just for speculative fiction writers. Historical fiction, contemporaries, even memoirs need to immerse their readers in settings and cultures that are vivid and believable. Also, the five tips range from details writer should keep in mind while writing or developing a story’s world, to organization and (*gulp*) sharing your ideas with others to ensure your world works.

Click here to read “#5onFri: Five World-Building Tips for Writers of All Genres.”

Do you have other world-building tips to share? Leave a comment below or on the article at DIY MFA, or Tweet your tip using the hashtag #5onFri.

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