Two New Posts at DIY MFA


Yes. I’ve been busy on the DIY MFA front lately. 😉

First, in my latest regular article at DIY MFA, I take a break from literary themes to talk about something that many (if not all) writers deal with: perfectionism. By that, I don’t mean the warped belief that everything you write will be perfect. This post goes much deeper, pointing out other beliefs and habits associated with perfectionism and how they harm your writing more than help it. Most importantly, I share how my most recent struggle with perfectionism prompted me to re-read parts of Gabriela Pereira’s DIY MFA book – and what I discovered that inspired me to write this article.

Click here to read “Letting Go of Perfectionism the DIY MFA Way.”

Last Week’s #5onFri Post on Writing an Introduction for Another Writer’s Book

In addition, I contributed another article to DIY MFA’s ongoing #5onFri series last week. This time, I shared five tips on writing an introduction for another writer’s book, based on my experience with penning the intro for Alison Walsh’s A Literary Tea Party. So if you’re ever asked to do this and you find yourself wondering, “What questions should I ask? How should I write this? Am I even qualified to do this?” – well, this post might help!

Click here to read “#5onFri: Five Tips for Writing an Introduction for Another Writer’s Book.”

As always, feel free to share your thoughts on either article in your comments here or at DIY MFA!

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