New Poems in the Latest Issue of The Aurorean – and I’m a Featured Poet!

Holy cow, three blog posts in one week! And today’s news is beyond good: Three of my poems have been published in the Fall / Winter 2019 issue of The Aurorean! This also means that the editors have selected me as one of the issue’s two featured poets!! (*throws autumn-colored confetti*)

If the name sounds familiar, The Aurorean is the same journal that published my poem “Twilight in April” in their Spring / Summer 2019 issue. So to have them publish my work again is a huge honor. And to know they’ve given me one of the premier placements in their latest issue . . . well, I’m floored. And grateful. And thrilled. In other words, I’m feeling a storm of positivity right now.

If you’d like to have a copy so you can read “Glimpse of a Bald Eagle,” “Late Winter Cardinal,” and “Hunter’s Moon,” visit The Aurorean’s webshop and order the Fall / Winter 2019 issue. You can also catch snippets of all three poems in the Instagram post above. (Click on the main image to go to my IG profile, then scroll through the various images for that post.)

10 thoughts on “New Poems in the Latest Issue of The Aurorean – and I’m a Featured Poet!

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