A Bibliophile’s Reverie (“Tea Time at Reverie”)


From June 2014 through July 2016, I wrote tea reviews for the book review / literary discussion blog A Bibliophile’s Reverie. Tea is one of the go-to beverages for reading, and Tea Time at Reverie gave our audience a great opportunity to learn about different teas and discover what books pair well with each beverage. And since I love all kinds of tea, so these reviews helped me flex my writing muscles in a way they hadn’t been used before.

Below is a chronological index of my Tea Time reviews. Please note that I am no longer writing tea reviews or accepting tea samples, and am keeping this page live for any interested readers.


NEW! 7/13/2016: Plum Deluxe’s Self-Care Herbal Tea Blend

6/6/2016: Plum Deluxe’s Reading Nook Black Tea Blend

5/20/2016: Mr. Darcy’s Pride from Bingley’s Teas

4/29/2016: Tea Maineia’s Peach Apricot Black Tea

4/4/2016: Whispering Pines Tea Company’s Mirkwood Tea

3/20/2016: Longbourn Wedding from Bingley’s Teas

3/6/2016: Golden Tips’ Moonlight Darjeeling Black Tea

2/15/2016: Tea Maineia’s Cold Comfort Herbal Blend

1/28/2016: Inspired By Jane’s Donwell Abbey Black Tea

1/11/2016: Whispering Pines Tea Company’s Rivendell Tea


12/15/2015: Sweet Jane Bennet from Bingley’s Teas

11/25/2015: Teasenz’s Ali Shan Milky Oolong Tea

11/9/2015: Golden Tips’ Assam Enigma Black Tea

10/12/2015: Inspired By Jane’s Pemberley Green & Herbal Tea

9/28/2015: Tea From Taiwan’s GABA Oolong Tea

9/17/2015: Teasenz’s Love At First Sight Blooming Tea

8/26/2015: Miss Elizabeth Black Tea from Bingley’s Teas

7/28/2015: Yezi Tea’s Tie Guan Yin High Grade Oolong Tea

7/16/2015: Sanctuary T’s Serenity Herbal Tea

6/26/2015: Tea From Taiwan’s Zhong Shu Hu Oolong Tea

6/12/2015: Elinor’s Heart Black Tea from Bingley’s Teas

5/29/2015: Teasenz’s Oriental Beauty Blooming Tea

5/13/2015: Yezi Tea’s Dragon Well High Grade Long Jing Green Tea

4/28/2015: Sanctuary T’s Geisha Beauty

4/14/2015: Tea From Taiwan’s Wu Ling Oolong Tea

3/30/2015: Lydia Had More Fun Rooibos Tea from Bingley’s Teas

3/17/2015: Teasenz’s Fujian Silver Needle White Tea

2/27/2015: Yezi Tea’s Yi Fu Chun Black Tea

2/5/2015: Sanctuary T’s Spring Harvest Green Tea 

1/16/2015: Tea From Taiwan’s Hua Gang Oolong Tea


12/23/2014: Compassion For Mrs. Bennet’s Nerves from Bingley’s Teas

12/3/2014: Teasenz’s Red Dragon Pearls Black Tea

11/18/2014: Yezi Tea’s White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) Master Grade White Tea

11/3/2014: Sanctuary T’s Chocolate Honeybush Tea

10/23/2014: Tea From Taiwan’s Dong Ding Ming Xiang Oolong Tea

10/7/2014: Marianne’s Wild Abandon from Bingley’s Teas

9/24/2014: Teasenz’s Jasmine Dragon Pearls

9/17/2014: Yezi Tea’s Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea

8/19/2014: Tazo®’s China Green Tips Green Tea

7/25/2014: Stash Tea Company’s Vanilla Nut Creme Decaf Black Tea

7/7/2014: Teavana’s ToLife® White Tea

6/18/2014: Tea Forte’s Oasis Green Tea