What’s Making Me Happy: May 2017

Is anyone else having a hard time believing that May is almost over? Gosh, was it busy. Not in a bad way, either. But in between writing, work, trips to Cape Cod, and life in general, I also worked on the online photo album of my Iceland trip that was one of the promised GoFundMe perks. (FYI: If you’re one of those donors, I hope to have the link ready within the next week or so. Sorry for the delay!) As a result, I’m on a social media hiatus (except for Goodreads) until the photo album is done, and then things should return to some sense of normalcy.

So what kinds of things made me happy in between all of May’s busyness? Would it surprise you if some of those joys are lingering reminders of Iceland? 😉 And as always, feel free to share the things that made you happy this past month in your comments on this post.

EDIT: If you have a chance, check out my friend and fellow writer / DIY MFA contributor Leanne Sowul’s monthly “What’s Making Me Happy” post at her blog. 😉

I Switched from “American-Style” Yogurt to Skyr

One of my favorite foods I tried during the Iceland Writers Retreat was skyr, or Icelandic-style yogurt. It’s similar to Greek yogurt in that it’s thick, tart, and high in protein. But with few exceptions, it’s made from non-fat milk and contains less sugar than Greek or “American-style” yogurt, making it a healthy alternative to Dannon, Yoplait, and other yogurts that are packed with artificial colors and sweeteners. And from what I observed during my trip, skyr is served for breakfast, lunch, or dessert, and often with honey, granola, and/or berries. So it’s not just popular with Icelanders, but also a part of their cultural identity.

Well, imagine my joy when I found not one, but TWO brands of Icelandic-style skyr at my local grocery store after my trip! I can’t say whether I prefer Icelandic Provisions (right) or siggi’s (above) yet, though siggi’s tends to be 20 to 25 US cents cheaper. But each brand offers a variety of flavors, and I’ve been happily trying whatever I can get my hands on for lunch – and I can’t list favorites because I’ve enjoyed them all so far! (If you do want to know which flavors, though, just let me know in your comments.) It’s been delightful to savor a bit of Iceland every day while knowing I’ve made a good “healthy food” choice.

I’m Watching “American Gods”

After reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods over the winter, ohhhhhhhh was I out-of-my-mind THRILLED for STARZ’s TV adaptation. And so far, it’s blown away my every expectation. What’s delighted me most, I think, is that the show has been amazingly faithful to the book so far. Gaiman’s re-imaginings of the “old” gods and creative choices for “new” ones, the places and people that Shadow and Mr. Wednesday visit during their road trip, and the underlying themes of race, power, and faith – they’re all there. Plus, the new material that’s been woven in to further flesh out characters and Gaiman’s wider mythos for American Gods is true to the original story’s spirit.

Not to mention the show is visually stunning. A couple bits have been over the top (did anyone see the ‘Coming to America’ segment featuring the Vikings? *shudders*), but most everything else has taken my breath away. And did I mention that Ian McShane is PERFECT as Mr. Wednesday? Or that Ricky Whittle captures Shadow’s brooding, laconic demeanor? No? Well, now you know. 🙂

I Also Watched “Gifted”

If you like family dramas, young characters who are as smart as they are cute, or films that exude heart and wit, then “Gifted” might be for you. It’s about a 7-year-old math whiz named Mary (McKenna Grace) who’s offered a scholarship to a private school for gifted children. Her uncle and de-facto guardian (Chris Evans of Captain America fame) turns it down, reluctant to deny his niece a normal childhood. But when his estranged mother files for custody of Mary, stating that her granddaughter should be tutored for a mathematics career, the question becomes, “What truly is best for this little girl: love and nurturing, or privilege and ambition?” The movie also stars Octavia Spencer as Roberta, Frank’s landlady and Mary’s part-time babysitter.

And gosh, did “Gifted” tug on my heartstrings. It’s not an Oscar contender, but it’s sweet and endearing thanks to its cast and a plot that blends emotion, well-placed humor, and a sensitive handling of intrafamily conflict. McKenna Grace steals the spotlight over and over (and made me laugh out loud!) as the precocious Mary, who craves intellectual stimulation just as much as she craves love. Chris Evans was also convincing as her laid-back, philosophical uncle Frank. It’s the first time I’ve seen him play a role other than Captain America, so it was refreshing to see him as someone who’s not larger than life.

I’m Sipping Arctic Thyme Herbal Tea from Urta Islandica

It hadn’t occurred to me before my trip to Iceland that Icelanders might use their native flora to make herbal teas. So imagine my joy when I discovered a slew of Urta Islandica’s bagged tisanes in two shops in Reykjavik! 😀 I resolved to take home one, and it was a tough choice, but eventually I picked blóðberg, or “arctic thyme” in English.

Arctic thyme is a species of wild thyme commonly found in central, southern, and western Europe and produces flowers ranging in color from bright pink to magenta-red to violet. The tea uses both greens and flower petals; and when brewed, it doesn’t have a particularly strong fragrance, but each sip has a mellow, soothing flavor that’s lightly floral with hints of (what else?) thyme. And according to Urta Islandica’s description, arctic thyme tea is good for insomnia, head colds, and bronchitis, among other things. (I definitely agree that it’s a good nighttime tea.)

Click here to visit Urta Islandica’s website and learn more about its arctic thyme tea, as well as its other tisanes and herbal products. If you’re curious: $1 US is currently equal to about 100 Icelandic krona, and one Euro is roughly 112 krona.

I’m Listening to Guilt Machine’s On This Perfect Day

Here’s another album I was recently revisiting thanks to a story idea. Guilt Machine is one of several music projects led by Arjen Lucassen, a Dutch rock guitarist / singer / songwriter / producer / insert anything else and he probably does it better than you and I can. Basically, Arjen is incredibly talented and prolific, and one of the most passionate and all-around nicest people I had the pleasure of interviewing during my Sonic Cathedral tenure. And out of the many albums of his that I own, Guilt Machine’s On This Perfect Day remains one of my favorites.

Music-wise, Guilt Machine is progressive rock with a metal edge, melancholy atmospheres that contrast and compliment the heavier elements, and evocative vocals by Belgian singer Jasper Steverlinck. The lyrics focus on the destructive nature of guilt and regret and the need to confront one’s demons. It sounds bleak, but it’s also a deeply personal album for Arjen, who has said that he and partner-guitarist Lori Linstruth wrote On This Perfect Day as a means of coming to terms with depression. And if you listen to each song closely, you’ll find threads of hope and light among the darkness.

For a taste of Guilt Machine’s sound, check out the YouTube trailer for On This Perfect Day above. If you like what you hear, I recommend starting with the song “Over,” mostly because it’s the shortest track on the album. (Most of the songs are over 10 minutes long!) But if you’d rather start with my favorites, then take the plunge with either “Twisted Coil” or “Green and Cream.” 😉

What were some of the things that made you happy in May? Have you tried any new foods? What movies or TV shows have you watched recently?

41 thoughts on “What’s Making Me Happy: May 2017

  1. I just finished watching ‘SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN’, the first DVD I’ve watched this year, due to various distractions. It’s excellent. Now I’ll watch the prequel ‘THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER’S WAR’. My DVDs To Be Watched stack is nearly as tall as my books To Be Read stack!

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    • I remember seeing “Snow White and the Huntsman” when it was in theaters a few years ago, and enjoying it quite a bit. Then again, I never mind watching a Chris Hemsworth movie. *blushes*

      Funny you mention DVDs. I don’t own that many, though there are a few I’d like to get at some point. “Life of Pi” is one. I’ve seen most of it by catching bits and pieces on HBO, but I’d like to sit down and watch it uninterrupted from start to finish someday.

      Thanks for stopping by, John. 🙂

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      • Basically, most of the big SF and Fantasy and Marvel and DC movies released recently, many of which I bought months ago, also ‘BEN-HUR’ despite its poor reviews and box office. And the second half of ‘THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES’. And YA Dystopias like the “DIVERGENT’ and ‘MAZE RUNNER’ series, both books and movies.

        I’m out of touch with TV too, like ‘WESTWORLD’ and indeed ‘AMERICAN GODS’. Not to mention DVDS I’d like to REWATCH! I think I need to clone myself.

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  2. I love all the Icelandic touches to your month:-) I have to mention that siggi’s yogurt has been very popular and trendy in L.A. for some time. Gee, go figure. Healthy food trending in La La Land?? I tried it once and didn’t like it. But it was probably the lack of sugar. I’m trying to eat less sugar so maybe I’ll give it another try. I still haven’t caught American Gods! I really need to watch more TV:-)

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    • Cool! And yeah, siggi’s takes some getting used to because of its very low sugar content. I stir in a spoonful of honey, though, and that takes away most of the tartness without distorting the flavor. Maybe that would help if you wanted to try it again?

      Ohhhhhh American Gods keeps getting better by the week! I hope you get a chance to start catching up on it soon!


  3. Hi Sara! We should have communicated about linking up– my “what’s making me happy” post is coming out tomorrow! I’ll add a link to this post.
    I tried Siggi’s yogurt recently and really wanted to like it, because I’m on a low-sugar kick. But I just can’t get past the texture. I strongly prefer creamy over thick. So it’s back to the locally-made creamy nonfat yogurt for me.

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    • *facepalm* Leanne, I had every intention on messaging you to see if you were doing a Happy post this month. But between working on the GoFundMe photo album, writing, and various things, it completely slipped my mind. (Not to mention I’m taking a break from social media until the photo album is done.) Sorry about that! I’ll edit the intro and add a link to your post as soon as I have a chance.

      Oh well. At least you gave siggi’s a try. I can understand why it might appeal to everyone. But I was curious to try it after the retreat, and now I look forward to having a “spoonful of Iceland” at lunch on most work days. 🙂


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  5. What a fun read this morning! Swinging by from Eli’s 6 words. So nice to meet you.

    I agree, May has flown by but I pray the summer crawls so we can all just enjoy some happy days of summer.

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    • Thank you, Kisma! I was just reading Eli’s post, actually, so what a coincidence that you commented here around the same time. 🙂

      My writing / blogging friend Leanne has been doing a similar series on her site for a while., so that’s where the idea came from. There’s something beautiful about sharing your joys from the past month. It’s like gathering seeds of gratitude and then throwing them into an open field, letting them take root where you least expect them to.

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  6. I love how much Iceland influenced your month, how it left such a positive impact. I devour yogurt (too much my doctor says 😅), so I shall have to give ‘skyr’ a try 🙂
    I haven’t watched American Gods yet. I’m probably going to binge-watch it on Amazon prime next month! So glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed it ❤
    I actually binge-watched Jessica Jones this month and enjoyed it so very much! I love David Tennant and he and Krysten Ritter were superb in it!
    I also watched Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. II and while it wasn't the most solid plotwise, the pure fun of it makes it one of my favourite Marvel films 🙂
    Plus I finally watched Pan's Labyrinth and oh my goodness!! One of my new favourite movies by far!!!
    Good luck finishing up the photo album! I hope that June provides many moments of happiness as well ❤

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    • *lol* Yogurt has been my standard lunch on working days for years. Some days I’ll change it up with a sandwich or a salad, but yogurt (and now skyr) is the easiest one to “pull together” most nights. Pick a fruit, pita chips / PB & crackers / etc., and a spoon to go with it, and you’re done! 😉 If you do try skyr, let me know what you think.

      I saw GotG Vol. 2 as well… and… well, it was fun, but I enjoyed the first one a lot more. I’m not sure what’s going on with my “relationship” with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but since “Age of Ultron” (and apart from Civil War, which was brilliant) I haven’t been all that satisfied with the new films.

      Ooooh Pan’s Labyrinth is one I’ve been meaning to watch for a while. So you liked that one a lot?

      I’m just working on captions for the selected photos now. It’s taking a while because I only have about 30 minutes each night to work on them, and sometimes I have to double-check the spelling of names and places (or copy-paste from Google). But hopefully I’ll finish it next week, since I’m traveling this weekend.

      Hope you have a good June too, Faith! 🙂

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      • I think superhero films in general are starting to feel worn and tired. There are just so many of them coming out, the novelty’s worn out.

        Though nothing is going to keep me away from the new Wonder Woman film 🙂

        Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my favourite movies now! I would really HIGHLY recommend it ❤

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      • I probably should go see Wonder Woman, just because. But… I don’t know, I’m just not motivated enough to do it, for the exact reasons we’ve mentioned.

        Yes to Pan’s Labyrinth, though. I can’t guarantee when I’ll watch it, but I definitely want to. Thanks for the recommendation!

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  7. I love the idea of writing about what has made you happy throughout the previous month:). What a splendid idea! And the mix of foods, tea and discussing your life in general makes this a nicely personal post, too. Thank you so much for sharing, Sara:). I hope that plenty of good things also happen in June – particularly loads of sunshine!

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    • Thanks, Sarah! Yes, it really is nice to do this series, especially since it gives me a chance to talk about things apart from reading and writing. Plus, it never hurts to look back on sources of joy and gratitude, right? 🙂

      Hope you have a lovely June as well! Are you starting to feel a little better?

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      • Yes, I am:). However next week will be the litmus test as I’m back teaching then. And since Easter I haven’t managed to get through a complete week without crashing. And I heartily endorse your sentiments regarding joy and gratitude!

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  8. Ohhh I’d really like to try that Icelandic yogurt! It sounds yummy! And Icelandic tea! What could be better than that? 😉


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    • Keep an eye out for skyr at your local grocery stores, then. I’ve usually found them near other yogurts, and they tend to be a little more expensive ($1.49 to $1.79 in MA) than regular yogurt, but my stores frequently put them on sale at lower prices.

      YES! Actually, I found about a dozen different Urta Islandica herbal teas during my trip. And I wished I could try ALL of them, but that would have been a bit too expensive and would’ve making packing for the trip home a little difficult. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by, Tori!

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  9. That’s it, I’m buying a Siggi (or two) tomorrow! And I was just craving a plain yogurt with honey this afternoon. I haven’t seen the Icelandic brand in my store, I’ll have to try another outlet to try that one out, too.

    And nevermind May, it’s already June! (yes, I’m behind on the blogosphere, as always). I am so missing you on Twitter, but I know you’re working hard. You take care of you first. I did just complete Poirot on Netflix this past week. I began it over the winter and ugh, I am so sad it’s over. It became such a cozy story to look forward to and with the ending of the show… *goes in the corner to cry*

    Soo I’m going to catch up on House of Cards (I absolutely adore Spacey’s character, he is really quite the brilliant guy in both reality and as a producer/actor) and then go for a new series. Of which I am yet undecided. So much to do, so little time; I wish sleep was optional!

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    • Yay for siggi’s! I recommend starting with the vanilla, just to make sure you like the texture and overall taste before trying fruit flavors. But if you’d rather take the plunge… I’ve had strawberry, strawberry / lingonberry, mixed berry w/ acai, peach, and nectarine, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. XD

      “I haven’t seen the Icelandic brand in my store, I’ll have to try another outlet to try that one out, too.”

      Actually, if you go to Icelandic Provision’s website, they have a page where you can type in your location and find local stores that sell their skyr. Here’s the link: http://www.icelandicprovisions.com/find-our-icelandic-skyr/

      “I am so missing you on Twitter, but I know you’re working hard. You take care of you first.”

      Thanks, Jess. *hugs* I should be back on Twitter by this weekend, though, because the photo album is DONE. I just need to double-check the captions before emailing the link to the $50+ donors.

      Isn’t it INSANE that it’s June now?? I still can’t believe it either. And summer always has a habit of going by quickly… But I’ll be home for the next couple weekends (I was down the Cape this weekend to visit my parents) and won’t have other plans otherwise. So I’m looking forward to some writing and relaxing then.

      Awwwww, I haven’t watched Poirot, but I know the feeling of when a show is over. There’s so much joy and anticipation when you sit down to watch a new episode… and then to do it for the last time, you sort of feel your heart break. It sounds like you really enjoyed that series, though. Maybe a series rewatch might be a good idea in the future? Once you’ve caught on other shows, of course?

      “I wish sleep was optional!”

      Don’t say that! *lol* Actually, you might want to check out the June 1st Thursday Thoughtfulness, since it touches on that exact topic. 😉

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      • Woo, thank you so much for the link! I tried the Siggis and I really liked it! I’m a fan of thick custard-y yogurts, Fage (fah-yeh) is a favorite of mine. I like it plain with honey! I ended up adding honey with the Siggi’s vanilla flavor. I tried their coconut flavor as well and it had a touch of lemon…yum! After eating Greek style (and now Icelandic!) yogurts, I can’t even fathom having another Yoplait or Dannon etc. again!

        I can only imagine how many photos you took over there, that will be a really exciting treat for the donors! Just the few that you put up on social media were stunningly gorgeous. I’m so happy you were able to go over there, what an experience! I hope I can travel abroad one day… I need to win the lottery first though, lol! But it’s also nice to go back to the routine. Summer does go quick, but it always feels so busy. It can get overwhelming sometimes!

        As for Poirot, I’ve figured out that I’ll read Christie’s Poirot short stories and then go back to rewatch the episodes! I know I won’t remember half of the culprits, and it’ll be helpful from a writer’s POV to see how a story can get transcribed into a 45-minute film.

        And yes, I will definitely check out your June 1st post, thank you! As I’m sure you know, I am perpetually trying to catch up in the blogosphere.

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      • You’re welcome! Coconut is one of the few siggi’s flavors I haven’t tried yet. And there’s a hint of lemon on it? Hmmmmm… I’m not a big lemon fan. Plus, shouldn’t coconut yogurt taste like… well, coconut? *lol*

        I took over 300 photos during my Iceland trip. 😮 So one of the challenges in creating the photo album was narrowing it down to 100, which I managed to do. But I’m glad I took them regardless. It’s been great to share the memories with other people in person and online – and they’ve made great accompaniments to the articles I’ve written about the retreat. 🙂

        Speaking of Poirot: Did you know that a new film adaptation of “Murder on the Orient Express” is coming out later this year? I saw the trailer recently on another friend’s blog. Kenneth Branagh directs and stars as Poirot.

        “As I’m sure you know, I am perpetually trying to catch up in the blogosphere.”

        That’s been the story of my life lately, too, so I know the feeling. 😉 Take your time!

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      • I heard the same about “Murder on the Orient Express,” though I admit I hadn’t really looked into it. I adore David Suchet; Branagh has some big shoes to fill 😉 I’ve only seen him in Chamber of Secrets, but I think he’ll do well playing the quirky detective.

        Over 300! 😮 That trip went far too quickly, it seemed you were already on your way back right after you’d just arrived! And I tried the Icelandic Provisions brand the other day, I like it better than the Siggi’s. They’re both really good though! As per your suggestion, I tried the lingonberry and the acai flavors, as well as their vanilla (it was outrageously delicious!), and coconut is waiting for me for tomorrow’s breakfast. I thought, as for Siggi’s coconut flavor, that perhaps the lemon was something of a signature touch to it. I don’t mind the sour bite though 🙂

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      • I think I’ve Kenneth Branagh in a couple films. Chamber of Secrets was one of them…. Oh! One of my high school English teachers showed KB’s film adaptation of Hamlet in class, and he (Kenneth) played Hamlet. I won’t comment on it without seeing it again as an adult, only because in high school I pretty much hated anything having to do with Shakespeare. (*blushes*)

        “hat trip went far too quickly, it seemed you were already on your way back right after you’d just arrived!”

        I know. I want to go back – and I’m aware I keep saying that, but it’s so, SO true. And next time I go, I think I’d stay a couple extra days. Or at the very least, I’d fly there the day before the retreat starts.

        Yay for more skyr! I’m actually dying to try Icelandic Provision’s peach and cloudberry flavor – but I haven’t found it yet! I might look for it during my errands on Saturday, though. And I think I’m having siggi’s berry & acai flavor for lunch today. 😉

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      • You and me both, I hated Shakespeare in high school as well. And my teacher loved it, which made it even worse. Old English and I just don’t mix. I think I may slightly appreciate it now, but I’ve yet to pick up any Shakespeare since 10th grade.

        I’m glad to hear that you’re planning on going back to Iceland!! I think it’s a great endeavor for you, and who knows, maybe one day you’ll be part of the team..!! Because you’re good like that.

        I haven’t seen the peach and cloudberry flavor either, I’ll have to ask my store if they can get it in. I don’t know which grocery store you go to, but Stop&Shop is pretty good that way. I love peach flavors of all kinds though, especially sweet iced peach tea! Yes, even the crappy 4C brand. I’ve got a tub of it handy at all times!

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      • Funny you should say that. I took a Shakespeare literature class in college, since a) I needed it for my English major, and b) my favorite professor in the whole world was teaching it. And not only did I understand the Old English and metaphors more that time around, but I also learned to appreciate Shakespeare’s work more, too. It also helped that we studied Twelfth Night, which was a breath of fresh air compared to other Shakespeare plays I’d read before. So I think time, maturity, and the right professor helped me change my mind about Shakespeare.

        “I’m glad to hear that you’re planning on going back to Iceland!! I think it’s a great endeavor for you, and who knows, maybe one day you’ll be part of the team..!!”

        (*blushes beet-red, since she doesn’t know how else to respond*)

        I actually don’t like Stop & Shop. At least in Massachusetts, their produce selection is terrible. So I do most of my shopping at Big Y, which is a grocery store chain in MA and CT. I also found out that Target sells Icelandic Provisions skyr, and I’ll be near one tomorrow, so I might scope out their selection to see if they have peach and cloudberry. Fingers crossed!

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  10. I need to try that Icelandic yogurt! I’ve heard that some people who can’t have dairy can still eat some types of yogurt, so I’m curious to try. Which flavors are best?

    I saw The Great Wall, as you probably read in my post. Lol, it was….not realistic… Not a good month for movies. But I am looking forward to the new Pirates Carribean, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Wonderwoman!

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    • If you go to siggi’s or Iceland Provision’s websites (there should be links to both in the blog post), they both have FAQ sections that touch on the nutrition of their products. So you should be able to find out there if their yogurts are lactose free.

      As for flavors… Ooooooh boy. *lol* siggi’s has a LOT of flavors, which is one of its pros over Icelandic Provisions. I’ve had vanilla (which has vanilla bean specks!), strawberry, raspberry, peach, mixed berry & acai, spiced pear, nectarine, and strawberry / lingonberry from siggi’s, and they’re all very good. As for IP, I like their vanilla, strawberry & lingonberry, and blueberry & bilberry flavors. They also have a peach & cloudberry that I’d love to try, but I haven’t found it in my local stores yet.

      I was just saying to Faith that I’d also seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2… and… it was fun, but I wasn’t overly impressed. I think I’m starting to tire of superhero movies. :/ Though I really want to see the Black Panther movie next year. That should be a good one.


  11. I can’t believe May is on its way past me either. The year just started, I blinked and now it’s halfway done. Smh.
    I’d like to watch American Gods too, but I don’t have Starz. 😦
    I’m hoping it’ll hit Netflix or Hulu or something next year maybe.

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  13. (Still catching up!)
    I’m glad to see those little things to make you happy! “Big happiness” is great, but it doesn’t seem to last long, so the smaller joys are often what makes life great.
    If I see it around (no high hopes, since the town I live in is rather small), I might try the Icelandic yoghurt. It sounds yummy.
    I’ve seen trailers for Gifted, and even though family dramas aren’t really my thing, it did catch my interest. I’ve seen Chris Evans in several movies other than MCU: Snowpiercer (ok performance, but the movie itself wasn’t too good), Push (a lot of fun in the vein of Heroes), and Loosers (he plays a really funny character there), but it’s nice to see he’s accepting roles in something else than “the usual” action movies.

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    • ““Big happiness” is great, but it doesn’t seem to last long, so the smaller joys are often what makes life great.”

      I totally agree with you on that. Yes, it’s nice to have big news or an accomplishment to share. But if that’s all you focus on as a means of finding happiness, then you’re going to be disappointed the rest of the time.

      I hope you’re able to find some Icelandic skyr. Most chain grocery stores seem to be carrying either siggi’s or Icelandic Provisions (or both), but it’s also true that you can’t find every food product everywhere.

      Now that you mentioned it, I caught a few minutes of one of the Fantastic Four films (I think it was the reboot that came out 10 years ago or so?), and Chris Evans was in that one, too! I haven’t heard of the other films you mentioned, though. And yeah, I hope he continues to “stretch his acting muscles,” so to speak, now that most of his MCU commitments seem to be fulfilled (apart from the two upcoming Avengers films).


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