Finally… Updates!

Hello!  And a very belated Happy New Year to you!

Between the final holidays of 2010 and a crazy start to 2011, I haven’t had much time to update this site.  My apologies for that.  Hopefully today’s updates will make up for that.  🙂

I’ve partially “revamped” my Writing for Sonic Cathedral page.  The 2010 reviews page is finally completed, and a new link has been added for a 2011 reviews page.  I’ve also moved all my interview links to a dedicated interviews page.  Click any of the hotlinks you see in this paragraph to see the changes for yourself.

What can you expect to find when you go these pages?

  • My first CD review of 2011: Key to the Kingdom, the debut album of Welsh heavy metallers Triaxis
  • Interviews with the Dutch progressive/classical metal band Ex Libris and prog metal mastermind (and one of my all-time favorite musicians!) Arjen Lucassen
  • My last two CD reviews of 2010, both covering symphonic metal bands (Avariel from Boston, Massachusetts; and Hydria from Brazil)
  • My gig review of Boston hard rockers Era for a Moment in Foxboro, Massachusetts on October 2nd, 2010

I’ve got more reviews, interviews, and other articles in the pipeline for Sonic Cathedral.  So stay tuned!  😉

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