CD Review: Stream of Passion – “The Flame Within”

My CD review for the month of July has been posted on Sonic Cathedral!

I was itching to hear Stream of Passion’s new material – mainly because of some major lineup changes that the band underwent in 2007.  Three members – including prog metal mastermind and main composter Arjen Lucassen – left to pursue other musical projects.  Needless to say, I was worried this would have a detrimental effect on SoP.  But “The Flame Within” is proof that this band is still going strong. Quick Facts

Band: Stream of Passion

Album: “The Flame Within”

Location: The Netherlands (although their singer Marcela is originally from Mexico)

Sound/subgenre: Progressive symphonic metal with romantic lyrics and strong melodies

Label: Napalm Records

Here’s an except from my review: “Stream of Passion has returned to the scene with a second album that matches the glory of their debut. The new songs may be more simplified and straightforward, yet they are still robust, dreamy, and – no pun intended – passionate.”

Click here to read my review.

Like what you read?  Maybe you’ll like SoP’s music, too.  Here are some links to the band’s sites:

Stream of Passion’s Official Website

Stream of Passion on Myspace

~ Sara

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