Novels and Other Stories


Current Stage: Draft #3 complete, now with beta-readers

Genre: Fantasy

Target Audience: Young Adult

Current Word Count: 98,000 words

Seventeen-year-old Eva wants to kill Mountain Folk. Ever since a clan of them killed her parents and injured her wing years ago, the Fei girl has hated that race of rugged warriors and gem-healers. Yet Eva’s desire clashes with her diplomatic duties for her people’s Council of Selanaan. And so she keeps it secret, hoping her chance will come one day.

Everything changes when a band of Mountain Folk enters the Fei’s forest. Their mission is to retrieve lost artifacts in the faraway Cavern of the Keeper. But first, they need the Fei to destroy an ancient curse that plagues the cavern. To Eva’s horror, her Council is tasked to join the Mountain Folk for this purpose – and she, as the Chief Navigator, must lead the way.

Now, Eva will have no choice but to suppress her desire again. She’ll need to guide the Mountain Folk across the Great Isle, slip past mind-leeching shadow demons, and survive the tensions within her travel party. And as she grows closer to her companions, she’ll have to confront her own darkness. Can she let go of her past for the mission’s sake? Or will she risk everything – even her life – for the sake of revenge?

Set in a long-ago world of magic, life-size fairies, and shadow demons, THE KEEPER’S CURSE is one girl’s tale of courage, forgiveness, and redemption.

Untitled Novella

Current Stage: Draft #1 underway

Genre: Fantasy

Target Audience: Young Adult (specifically the audience of THE KEEPER’S CURSE)

Target Word Count: 40,000 to 50,000 words

Nomaro is all too familiar with being on the run. Expelled from the Council of Selanaan eight years ago, he had fled the Fei forest of Kasialonen and joined the assassin’s guild known as the Twilight Order. Now he has defected from the Order and returned home to hide, biding his time until he decides what to do next.

One rainy night, a Fei girl named Eva knocks on Nomaro’s door. She’s seeking a trainer who can teach her fighting skills and more about their people’s magic – a trainer who would be willing to defy Fei law by teaching both skills to a girl. Nomaro agrees, but on one condition: Since Eva refuses to tell him why she wants these lessons, she must use them for a purpose of his choosing – to try out to become the first female Councilor of Selanaan.

Neither Nomaro nor Eva know whether the lessons will succeed and how they’ll change one another. Nor do they know what lengths they’ll go to save one another when Nomaro’s past catches up with him.

The currently untitled novella is a prequel to THE KEEPER’S CURSE that takes place 3 to 4 years prior. 

20 thoughts on “Novels and Other Stories

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  3. I’m so sorry Sara – I’ve somehow missed out on a tranche of your blogs:((. I really like the title The Keeper’s Curse is catchy, alliterative and lodges in the head – I’d go for it if I were you! The summary is okay – but you’re right, it needs tightening. It often takes me several editing passes before I’ve really drilled down to the core of what my book is ABOUT. Which I know sounds random, but happens to be the case…

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