Welcome to the Updated Website!

Yes, I finally buckled down and did it! šŸ˜‰

Welcome to SaraLetourneauWriter.com! It’s just like my previous blog, except with a domain name, a new theme, and a few simpleĀ cosmetic changes. I still have a couple other tweaks in mind, but right now I feel comfortable enough debuting the upgraded site to readers.

What do you guys think? Do you find it readable? Less cluttered? Easy to navigate?Ā Also, I’d like to include a Random Facts section onĀ my About page. What kinds of facts would you like to see there? Maybe favorite authors, books, movies, etc.? Anything funny or more unpredictable?

Take a look around and let me know what you think (and what random facts you’d like to know about me) in the Comments section below.



Looking for Advice: Upcoming Website Facelift

Pardon The Dust

Yes. It’s about time. This website has had the same layout since 2011 (or maybe earlier). Yet it has evolved drastically since then, especially in the past year; and even though I still think the theme and color palette are gorgeous, I’ve been daydreaming about what I couldĀ do differently – and, after researching my customization options, IĀ realized how limited this theme, and a free WordPress account in general, really is.

The last straw in all this wasĀ this recent article by Juliet Marillier at Writer Unboxed. It’s a wonderful piece about author websites evolving over time and the challenges of keeping pace with technology, social media, etc.Ā About one-third of the way through, Ms. Marillier wrote this about her website’s current format:

Lovely as it is, this website, too, has outlived its usefulness.

That line made me sit up straight. It perfectly captures how I feel about my own website – and I can’t ignore that feelingĀ any longer. Continue reading