The Best of 2010 – Sonic Cathedral and My Personal List

So 2010 has come and gone – which means it’s time for those ever popular end-of-the-year lists! So Sonic Cathedral recently posted its best-of-2010 list.  And what an interesting list it is.  It features a healthy mix of veteran musicians (Arjen Lucassen, Tristania, and Tarja) and popular newcomers (Diabulus in Musica, Seven Kingdoms, Magion, The Mariana Hollow).  Click here to see who made the cut!

Also, here is my overall Top 10 list for 2010. Continue reading

Latest CD Review on SC: We Are The Fallen – “Tear the World Down”

People seem to have some strong opinions about We Are The Fallen, regardless of whether they’ve actually listened to the band’s debut album “Tear the World Down.”  Either you love the music or you hate it, all because this band “sounds just like Evanescence.”  Yes, I know of all the links between We Are The Fallen and Evanescence.  But, is the new band a copycat of female-fronted rock’s most popular band?

In my honest opinion, the answer is “Not exactly.”  Click here to read my review of “Tear the World Down” and find out how I came to this conclusion.