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I spotted this tag at Faith Rivens’ blog not too long ago and absolutely knew I wanted to do it, too. It’s inspired by the Major Arcana, the first 22 cards in a tarot or oracle card deck.

Now, I’m aware that not everyone believes in the accuracy in tarot or other divination tools. But being a believer isn’t necessary here. The following questions take each card’s themes and applies them to your WIP or your writing process. So, this is a more “inclusive” tag than you might think. 😉

Any story-specific questions in this tag will focus on my WIP, The Keeper’s Curse. To learn more about this novel, you can either read the current draft of its blurb  or visit the Chronicling The Craft series. Continue reading

Beautiful People, Vol. 14: Vandar from “The Keeper’s Curse”

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Beautiful People is a monthly blog meme hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In. Every month they pose 10 questions for writers to answer about their writing and give readers the opportunity to learn more about the writer’s characters.

Hmmmm. No official Beautiful People questions has been posted for April yet. So, instead of waiting, I’m borrowing some questions from Morgan Dusky’s recent Character Studies posts and throwing in a few of my own. (FYI – Questions #1 through #8 are Morgan’s, and Questions #9 and #10 are mine.) If any fellow BP writers want to do the same, feel free to do so. Just make sure to credit Morgan and I accordingly, and let us know when your posts go live so we can see your answers.

This month, I’m finally introducing Vandar, the last of Eva’s fellow Councilors. He’s 19 years old, and has blue eyes and black-streaked brown hair. He’s also the Council’s battle / military strategist and their most talented fighter. So, shall we dive in?

(Visit the Beautiful People category page to catch up on past BP posts.)

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