Top 10 Science Fiction & Fantasy Series I Want To Start

I don’t normally follow The Broke and The Bookish’s Top 10 Tuesday meme because I doubt I’d be able to keep up with it (thank you, busy writing schedule and offline life). But after reading Anya’s list at On Starships and Dragonwings, I knew I should do my own Top 10 list of science fiction and fantasy series I want to start reading. So, here we go!

NOTE: There may be a slight trend toward the fantasy side of the spectrum. 😉

1. Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising Sequence (YA Dark / Contemporary Fantasy)

Dark Is Rising boxset

I like to catch up on the classics as well as more recent books. Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising was written in the 1960s and 70s, which puts it up there in age with Ursula Le Guin’s earliest Earthsea novels. The first book in the sequence, Over Sea Under Stone, has been sitting on my shelf unread for… at least a couple years *lol* This article is serving as my reminder to dive into The Dark Is Rising soon.  Continue reading

Stacking The Shelves: Volume 1 – Full of Magic and History


Welcome to the first edition – er, volume – of Stacking the Shelves here at the blog! If you follow me at Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve started sharing photos of recently purchased or acquired books. Now I’m extending that sharing to the blog and officially joining in on the Stacking The Shelves fun that other writing and book review blogs are having. 😀

A quick history and explanation of Stacking The Shelves: Tynga’s Reviews began hosting this meme in 2012 as a way for avid readers to share their enthusiasm about their most recent book acquisitions. It doesn’t matter whether the books were purchased, received for review, borrowed from a friend or the library, or won through a giveaway – they’re all game for Stacking The Shelves. Bloggers may also share a photo(s) of the books and explain why they’re interested in reading each one.

I’ll post a new Stacking The Shelves whenever I’ve collected three or four new titles (either newly published or “new” to me but published some time ago). Many blogs post this meme once a week, but I don’t accumulate books that quickly – especially with my to-read pile still miles high! So, let’s call it “periodical” for now.

So, here we go with Volume 1 of Stacking The Shelves!  Continue reading