New at Suite101: Review of Anathema’s “Weather Systems”

And now it’s time to share my latest review at! I still can’t believe I was able to get a (legitimate) press copy last month – a full 2 months before the album’s actual release date. So, many thanks to Tell All Your Friends PR and The End Records for making this review possible.

Anathema’s upcoming album, Weather Systems, is in some ways a lot like its predecessor, We’re Here Because We’re Here. The band still plays an organic yet atmospheric brand of progressive rock with intertwining male and female harmonies. However, We’re Here… was merely a foreshadow of the brilliance that the world’s about to hear on Weather Systems. I won’t say much more here on my blog because a) I’ll end up repeating a good chunk of the full review, and b) it’s quite difficult to describe Weather Systems any more than I already have. All of the most positive adjectives I can think of fall short of defining the album’s aesthetics and ability to evoke deep emotions within the listener. So, I’ll use one of the phrases from my review: It’s “one of 2012’s rock masterpieces.”

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