What’s Making Me Happy: February and March 2018

It’s been a strange two months. Strange in terms of weather here in Massachusetts, since February was milder than average (our temps were close to 70 deg F a few days!) and March clobbered us with four snowstorms in three weeks. Strange in terms of life in general, too. My blogging time has taken a HUGE hit because of work and other things. So if I haven’t replied to your comments yet or visited your blog in a while, I’m very sorry, and I hope you understand why. 😦

Yet, as frustrated as I’ve been, I never cease to find “real-life magic.” So let’s use this What’s Making Me Happy post to highlight that magic, and also to catch up on things.  How’s everyone doing? What have you been up to? Were February and March kind to you? (I hope so!) And what are some of the things that have sparked your sense of joy recently? Like last time, I’ll share three things from each month, starting with…

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Tea Time at Reverie: Tea From Taiwan’s Wu Ling Oolong Tea

Oolong fans: Here’s something you might not have tried before. Tea From Taiwan’s Wu Ling Oolong brews up lighter and fruitier than its more floral- and vegetal-flavored siblings. Curious to know why this might be? Or what I thought of this change of pace? Then head on over to my review of Wu Ling Oolong at A Bibliophile’s Reverie!

A Bibliophile's Reverie

Tea From Taiwan logo

I was already a fan of oolong teas when we launched Tea Time last June. Since then, I’ve developed an even greater appreciation for this flavorful medium between black and green teas. Today we have another oolong for you, courtesy of Tea From Taiwan. Wu Ling Oolong (also known as Wu-Long) is grown and harvested in the mountains of Taiwan’s Taichung county. What’s fascinating about this particular tea is that, according to Tea From Taiwan, it was grown on land that was once home to a fruit orchard. And as you’ll find out, those soil conditions have contributed to Wu Ling’s light, distinctly flavored brews.

The Basics

Tea From Taiwan Wu Ling Photo courtesy of Tea From Taiwan

Tea From Taiwan’s Description:“Wu Ling oolong tea (wu-long tea) is our best tea in our regular collection. Wu Ling is a mountain area in Taichung County, and its high altitude (more than 1800 meters) contributes…

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Tea Time At Reverie: Tea From Taiwan’s Hua Gang Oolong Tea

I’ve really come to appreciate oolong teas in the past year or so. While I’ll try just about any oolong, my favorites tend to be the traditional kinds, ones that lilt with fragrance out of your cup and then go down buttery-smooth. Tea From Taiwan’s Hua Gang Oolong is one of those lovelies. Read more about it – and find out which YA fantasy novel I paired with it – at my latest tea review at A Bibliophile’s Reverie!

A Bibliophile's Reverie

Tea From Taiwan logo

I’m still combing through the smorgasbord of oolong samples I’ve received since over the past few months. Today’s pick is Hua Gang Oolong, courtesy of Tea From Taiwan. Hua Gang is harvested on Mount Li (Pear Mountain), one of Taiwan’s most prized tea regions and located in the country’s Jade Mountains range. The plantation’s high altitudes (about 2400 meters, or roughly 1.5 miles) and cool, humid climate is said to be ideal for growing oolongs. So, how does Hua Gang tickle the senses of sight, smell, and taste? Let’s open the packet and find out!

The Basics

Tea From Taiwan Hua Gang Oolong closeup Photo courtesy of Tea From Taiwan

Tea From Taiwan’s Description:“…. [A] tea with full, robust flavor and long-lasting aftertaste. The brewed tea has an exquisite aroma and brews to an appealing amber liquor. The leaves can be re-brewed many times while maintaining a full flavor.”

Ingredients: Hua Gang oolong tea leaves

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Tea Time at Reverie: Tea From Taiwan’s Dong Ding Ming Xiang Oolong Tea

What grows in one of Taiwan’s most famous tea-producing regions and gets its distinctive flavor from… cicada secretions? Yes, it may not sound appetizing, but Tea From Taiwan’s Dong Ding Ming Xiang Oolong really is quite tasty. Find out more about this earthy, honeyed, and unique oolong at my new tea review at A Bibliophile’s Reverie’s Tea Time At Reverie!

A Bibliophile's Reverie

Before we kicked off Tea Time At Reverie, I had no idea that so many types of oolong tea exist. Now I do, thanks to Tea From Taiwan. This Taiwanese vendor specializes in top-quality oolong tea grown and processed in its home country. Each oolong is named after the region where it’s harvested and has different aromas and flavors resulting from their growing altitudes and soil conditions. I was a bit concerned that the Tea From Taiwan samples would overlap some of the oolongs I’ve received (and yet to review) from other vendors. That worry vanished once I opened my package. 🙂

Tea From Taiwan logo

Our first Tea From Taiwan sample is Dong Ding Ming Xiang Oolong Tea, grown and harvested in the Dong Ding region of Nantou, Taiwan. One of the country’s most famous oolong-producing areas since the 1860s, Dong Ding suffered extensive damage during the 1999 Jiji Earthquake. Tea plantations…

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