More “Spring Cleaning” Updates

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, be it a holiday weekend or the usual couple days to relax. I finished the last few updates I’d been planning for my website. Here’s what’s new as of today:

  1. Links: I got rid of the two-column format, which looked terrible. I also deleted some of the unnecessary and/or broken links and added new links to authors, writing resources, and music artists previously not listed. Now, the Links page is much easier to follow. I hope you’ll agree!
  2. Sidebar: I updated the Recommended Links widget in the sidebar to reflect the recent changes to the Links page. Also, as a reminder (or in case you haven’t noticed yet), I update the Books & Music widget a couple times each month. If you’d like to know what book I’m currently reading and which albums I’m listening to, that’s the go-to spot on this site.
  3. Website Poll: It really was time to change this out. And the new question is a relevant one: How do you read books these days – printed / hard copy, electronically, or both?

If you visit the Links page or check out the Recommended Links widget, you’ll notice that I have an profile. I’ve had one for a while but neglected it. But I’ll neglect no more from now on. As time allows, I’ll build up my Amazon profile with more music and book reviews. So if you’re considering buying something from Amazon and are swayed one way or the other by a review written by ViolettePen (that’s me!), click “Yes” to let the site know my review was helpful in your decision.

I’m also planning to launch a Facebook page in the near future. I have some creative things to work out first (e.g., photo, banner artwork). But as soon as the page is up and running, I’ll share a link to it here.

Stay tuned to lots of news in the next week: more reviews at Sonic Cathedral, an anthology announcement, and my latest edition of Chronicling The Craft!