Site Updates and Upcoming Changes (June 2015)

Happy Monday, everyone! 😉

I’ve worked on some more site updates since the main overhaul 3 weeks ago. In addition, some new article ideas have been percolating – ideas that excite me, but have caused me to reconsider aspects of my blogging schedule. So, I wanted to let you know what’s new, what may be changing, and what may be on the way.

As always, I welcome any questions, suggestions,or other feedback you have. Feel free to post them in the Comments section at the end of this article. Continue reading

Site Updates, Including “Other Projects” Page

Good morning!

I made a couple updates to the site in the past several hours:

  1. I added some information to “About Me” section.  The page isn’t much different from before, but at least it’s not missing anything now!
  2. A brand new page has been added to the site: “Other Projects.”  This is where I will list any writing projects that are not related to my poetry, fantasy series, or CD reviews.  I’m also hoping to blog a little bit about these projects as they’re going on.

I hope that anyone who visits this site enjoys what they’ve found so far.  It’s still a work in progress, but I’m very close to calling it done!  Then it will mostly be happy blogging and occasional updates from there.


~ Sara