Review of Armonight’s “Tales From The Heart” at Sonic Cathedral

And on the heels of my Kamelot interview comes a new CD review. Well, the review’s not about Kamelot – but I guess I’ve busy lately for Sonic Cathedral!

Armonight is the latest of myriad Italian female-fronted rock and metal bands to have their turn in the spotlight. The band formed in 2007 and crafted a heartfelt blend of melodic, symphonic, and gothic rock and metal. Tales From The Heart, Armonight’s second album, betters the band’s 2010 debut album, Suffering and Passion, in that it features more polished songwriting with improved sound quality. While I thought the band could further experiment with their music, I still liked Tales From The Heart more each time I listened to it.  That quality was redeeming enough to convince that Armonight are indeed on the right path artistically.

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