New at Sonic Cathedral: Review of Hydria’s “Freakshow”


Every artist deserves a second chance. That’s what I decided when I volunteered to review Freakshow, the third album by Brazilian duo Hydria. And to keep a long story short, I’m so glad I did. Hydria have left their symphonic metal days behind for a dynamic and crushingly heavy blend of industrial, electro-rock, metal, and pop. Freakshow offers twelve songs with hooks galore, layers of synthesizers and riffs, and thought-provoking glances on cultural and social themes ranging from reality television and show business to relationships and pursuing one’s purpose in life. What’s even better, though, is that Freakshow shows a huge leap of progress for Hydria. Their drastic change in style has brought out a side of their creativity that probably never would have emerged had they stayed with symphonic metal.

Click here to read my review of Hydria’s Freakshow.

If what you’ve read so far peaks your interest, check out Hydria’s video for “Reality Shows” below. It’s futuristic yet undeniably metal, and Raquel Schüler’s melodies and lyrics are addictive. Plus, I love how this song sinks its teeth into the absurdity of reality television while maintaining a sense of humor. 

Coming Soon: Most likely the next post will be for another CD review, on The Mariana Hollow’s new EP Scars, Not Wounds. I also hope to make some progress on the novel this coming weekend, both on writing it and on continuing the world-building.