A Call for Suggestions for This Year’s Blogoversary

Happy Blogoversary

Holy cow, this blog will be 8 years old on July 9th.

The big day may be two months away, but if I don’t start planning for it now, I’ll be scrambling to prepare something at the last minute. And do I ever dislike last-minute scrambling. So let’s avoid it entirely. ­čśë

Since blogoversaries are equally about thanking readers and┬ácelebrating this site’s achievements, I’d love to have your input again for what you’d like to see for this year’s “festivities.” Here are a few ideas I’ve thought of:

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Looking for Suggestions for This Year’s Blogoversary

Happy Blogoversary

Guess what? July 9th marks this site’s 7th birthday! ­čś«

Monty Python Holy Grail tabledancing

Now that the blogoversary┬áis one month away, I’m starting to think about how to celebrate it. Yet I keep running into the same hurdle:┬áI don’t know what to┬áchoose.

So, like with last year’s blogoversary, I’d like your feedback on how we should celebrate this year. I have a couple ideas, but I’m open to your suggestions, too.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

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New Poll Is Online!

Hello, again!

As I had promised, I’ve launched a new poll here at my site. I decided to do a more general topic about literature and reading. The question is, “What kinds of literature do you like the most?”

Select as many answers as you’d like. And if I missed one of your favorite genres, feel free to add it in the “Other” textbox.

Have fun!

~ Sara