More Poetry News

Two literary magazines have accepted my work for publication later this year!

First, Soul-Lit, a Massachusetts-based online journal that focuses on spiritual poetry, will feature my new poem “Elegy” in its Summer 2012 issue. If you read my recent report on the 2013 Massachusetts Poetry Festival, Soul-Lit may sound familiar. Its editors put on the “Soul-Lit: A Panel on Spiritual Poetry” event that had resonated with me. I even mentioned in the blog entry that I was planning to submit work to the journal after attending that event.

Second, three previously unpublished poems – “The Critic And The Muse,” “Nightmusic,” and “Eve Of Spring” – will be included in The Curry Arts Journal’s 40th anniversary issue this fall. The Curry Arts Journal (also known as CAJ) is the student literary magazine of Curry College (my alma mater) in Milton, Massachusetts. As part of the upcoming milestone, CAJ’s faculty advisor invited alumni who had published poetry, short stories, essays, and artwork in the journal as students to submit new work. The CAJ editorial staff is also planning on-campus activities to celebrate the anniversary.

I can’t express how grateful and ecstatic I am to be a part of both publications. I also recommend you check out both Soul-Lit and CAJ if you have a chance. You can read past issues of Soul-Lit here and find more information about CAJ on Facebook and at Curry College’s website.

Soul-Lit’s Summer 2012 issue will be online in July, and the 40th Anniversary Issue of The Curry Arts Journal should be published in September. I’ll share any links here as soon as they’re available.

Coming Soon: My review of Edenbridge’s The Bonding should be online at Sonic Cathedral by this weekend. Plus, as I’ve promised, a new “Chronicling The Craft” article will be posted after I’ve reached the 10,000-word mark in my novel-in-progress.

Two Poems Published Today at The Eunoia Review

More good news on the poetry front today: My poems “At A Loss” and “Writing A Memoir” have been published at The Eunoia Review!

The Eunoia Review is an UK-based online literary magazine that is “committed to sharing the fruits of ‘beautiful thinking’.” What makes this publication unique is that it publishes writers’ work on a rolling basis instead of monthly, quarterly, etc. Two new pieces of writing – either poetry, fiction, or creative non-fiction – are posted at The Eunoia Review every day. Readers can also check out the ever-growing contributors archive and sign up for email alerts when new work is published.

As for the poems themselves, “At A Loss” and “Writing A Memoir” are very different from the two pieces published earlier this year at Underground Voices. One is about grief, confusion, and (as implied by the title) loss; the other is more optimistic, reflective, and focused on the craft of writing.  (Proves how nerdy I am about writing, huh? *lol*)

A trivia tidbit for you: “Eunoia” is a real word! It’s derived from the Latin word εὔνοια (which means “well mind” or – surprise! – “beautiful thinking”). It’s also the shortest word in the English language to contain all five vowels.

Click on the links below to read the two published poems:

“At A Loss”

“Writing A Memoir”

Enjoy! And feel free to comment on the pieces at The Eunoia Review or here in response to this post.

~ Sara

Two Poems Now Online at Underground Voices

Finally it’s time for me to announce my big poetry news: Two of my poems, “Naked Truth” and “River Runs Red,” are featured in the April 2012 issue of Underground Voices!

A screenshot of the April 2102 issue of Underground Voices.
Courtesy of Underground Voices.

Underground Voices is an online literary magazine that publishes poetry, prose, and artwork from up-and-coming writers and artists once a month. It also publishes one print anthology per calendar year and has featured a number of pieces that have been recognized by the Pushcart Prize, the StorySouth Million Writer’s Award for Short Stories, and Dzanc Books’ Best of the Web.

According to its website, Underground Voices’ mission is to publish quality works that are “dark, raw, and hard-hitting.” Previously published works have touched on a wide range of social issues, psychological disorders, and other sensitive current-day issues that aren’t widely covered in more conventional literary magazines. Although my work doesn’t normally take this direction, “Naked Truth” and “River Runs Red” do – and I thought they’d be a good fit for Underground Voices.

I almost can’t describe the flurry of emotions I’ve experienced leading up to today. It’s a mixture of pride, excitement, even nervousness! More than anything else, though, I feel immense satisfaction and triumph. I’ve been submitting poems to print and online publications for about 5 years – and I’ve learned to not let the sting of disappointment from rejection letters discourage me. Now, to finally have my work accepted for the first time since college is like striking gold. And in a time where so many developing writers are going down the route of self-publishing, this recognition restores my faith in the “old school” way of getting one’s work out to the world.

I would love to talk about the poems themselves… but that will take a while!  So, for now… Click here to read “Naked Truth” and “River Runs Red” now at Underground Voices! And if the magazine’s theme appeals to you, I recommend reading other works in this month’s issue.

~ Sara