Review of Seven Kingdoms’ “The Fire Is Mine” at Sonic Cathedral

It’s no secret that I’ve been looking forward to Seven Kingdoms’ new album The Fire Is Mine all year long. So as soon as the release date (October 9th) was announced, I volunteered for the review faster than you can say, “Yes, please!” I knew that Seven Kingdoms, a female-fronted power metal band from Deland, Florida, had planned to shed the remaining death metal influences from their early days. (Their previous album, Seven Kingdoms, features sporadic male grunting.) And Seven Kingdoms didn’t deviate from those plans. The Fire Is Mine is straight-up power metal with lots of grit and fire, as well as a frontwoman (Sabrina Valentine) who’s more confident in her role than ever before. You’ll have to read my review for my entire verdict, though. *wink*

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New at Sonic Cathedral: Review of A Sound Of Thunder’s “Out Of The Darkness”

Time for another review at Sonic Cathedral!

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of “old school” heavy metal. That kind of metal doesn’t appeal to me as much as others do. But since I enjoyed reviewing previous albums by UK’s Triaxis and Norway’s Triosphere, I decided to check out A Sound Of Thunder’s upcoming second album Out Of The Darkness when the promo came my way. And it turns out I liked it – more than I thought I would!

Imagine a band that mixes the classic sounds of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden with the modern prog and power metal influences of Sabaton, Hammerfall, and Everygrey, then topped off with a female singer whose charisma, rawness, and projection is like that of Russell Allen (Symphony X). For these reasons and much more, A Sound Of Thunder is one of those rare records that metalheads of all ages will enjoy. Perhaps that’s why I said in my review, “[I]f you’re willing, hop into the DeLorean – or maybe an antique Harley Davidson is more fitting here – and turn the dial to Out Of The Darkness.”

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Stay tuned for more article announcements! I’ve got a new interview for Sonic Cathedral (with a female-fronted band from the UK) and a new review for Suite101 (on an upcoming album from a male-fronted band, also from the UK) in the works.

~ Sara

New Review at Sonic Cathedral: Seven Kingdoms – “Seven Kingdoms”

What do you think when you hear the words “female-fronted power metal”?  Nightwish must come to mind.  Maybe Edenbridge, Krypteria, Amberian Dawn, and HolyHell, too.  All of these bands have shaped female-fronted power metal as being bombastic, symphonic, and driven by a classically trained female singer – and as a result, whenever we heard someone describe a band as female-fronted power metal, we think, “Uh oh, I think I know exactly how this one will sound.”  Well, you can’t say about about Floridian power metallers Seven Kingdoms.  They’ve taken pages out of Iced Earth’s and Blind Guardian’s books, opting for a guitar-licking style with fantasy-inspired lyrics and thrash, progressive, and death metal influences.  Thus, saying that Seven Kingdom’s self-titled second album is different from other releases in this genres is a huge understatement – and one that fans shouldn’t miss.

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