The Six-Question Character Challenge

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I’ve fallen behind on blog tags again, so it’s time to play catch-up (again). This tag is a brand new one from Brianna daSilva at Story Port. (Thank you, Brianna!)

The Six-Question Character Challenge offers six questions that you have to answer for three of your WIP’s characters. You can choose whichever characters you want. The point is to introduce these characters to your readers if you haven’t yet, and to see how they’re similar or different.

Before we get started, let’s start with… Continue reading

The One Lovely Blog Award

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Leona Henry @ Leona’s Blog of Shadows nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award a while back. (Thank you, Leona – and sorry it took so long!) Leona is a Turkish-born fantasy writer who now lives in Finland and is preparing to publish her debut novel series, The Coin of Liberius, via Reamwalker Publishing Group. If you like dark epic fantasy in the vein of George R.R. Martin and R. Scott Bakker, then keep an eye out for Leona’s upcoming works. 😉

Here are the rules for the One Lovely Blog Award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you. (Check!)
  2. List the rules and display the award. (Check!)
  3. List 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 others bloggers and notify them of their nomination.

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Chronicling The Craft: 105,000 & 110,000 Words

Your WIP’s Characters and Their Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Chapters Completed: 28

Chapters In Progress: 4

Chapters Not Started: 3

“Chronicling The Craft” is an article series where I share my experience with writing my current work-in-progress (WIP), which is a fantasy novel. Every 5,000 words, I let readers know what I’ve accomplished since the previous article and share advice, discoveries, techniques, etc. Besides the word count in each article title, a “chapter ticker” at the top also tracks my progress as I use the skip-around / “writercopter” method to write the novel. Today’s installment celebrates the book reaching 105,000 and 110,000 words in length.

We’ve hit the home stretch now! I’m itching with excitement and impatience now that the first draft is getting closer to THE END. Half of me wishes I was already there at the finish line, done and ready to collapse creatively speaking. That’s when the other half of me chimes in, “Not yet, Sara! Be patient.” It’s a very fine tightrope to walk, but I have to keep at it for now.

I took work-related time off around Christmas and New Year’s to relax and (among other things) work on the book. That “mini writing vacation” helped me pass not just one word-count milestone, but two! So, for brevity’s sake, I’ll give a general overview of my progress since early DecemberContinue reading