The 2018 Blogoversary: Nine Favorite Writing Tips of All Time

First things first: I miscalculated how old the blog is. We’re celebrating its ninth birthday today, not its tenth. (*face turns red*) Sorry about that!

Regardless, a ninth blogoversary is impressive. I launched this site in 2009 mostly because blogging seemed like fun. (Not to mention I was always happy to find a new outlet for writing.) Since then, I’ve grown so much as a writer and as a person, and the blog has evolved as well. So, from a perspective of reflection, it’s appropriate that this year’s blogoversary post centers on all-time favorite writing advice. (Thank you for the suggestion, Zezee!)

It was challenging, but I narrowed it down to nine favorites to coincide with nine years of blogging. I hope you find these tips as motivating and inspiring as I did when I first came upon them.

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It’s Blog-Hopping Time!

Bunny Hop

Many thanks to Nick at The Parasite Guy for nominating me to take part in the current World Blog Hop! This turned out to be a fun exercise, and one that’s easy yet challenging. Easy because it involves only two steps:

  1. Answer five questions.
  2. Nominate two bloggers to continue the hop.

So, how is it challenging? Well, if you read the five questions that follow, you might know why. 😉 Here we go!  Continue reading

Chronicling The Craft: 3,000 Words

Starting Anew – And “Skipping Around”

Yes, I’m finally writing my second book! It feels incredible to be back at it again. And although I don’t have as much time to write as I used to, I’m using any time I have to work on the book. Imagining scenes, noting a character’s traits, or actually writing – they’re all important parts in recording this story that’s playing like a movie in my head, and I’m determined to make it happen again.

I thought it would be neat to blog about my progress on the new book. Of course, if I blog about it, I should try to do so regularly. And by regularly, I mean when I reach certain milestones while writing the first draft.  And since I crossed the 3,000-word mark the last time I sat down to work on the book, let’s start with me blogging an update every 3,000 words. This could change, depending on my schedule outside of writing as well as figuring out what topics to write about in each blog entry. But I have to start somewhere, right? Continue reading