New at Sonic Cathedral: Review of Apparatus’s “Evolution”

Apparatus Evolution cover

At first listen, Apparatus sounds like your typical North American alternative rock/metal band. But once you’re two songs into their second album Evolution, it’s clear that they’re far from the typical. This quartet from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada weaves progressive influences through in-your-face alternative metal and top it off with sweeping clean vocals, guttural screams (all from the same singer, Melanie Laquerre), and lyrics that embrace social awareness and spirituality. Those are all reasons why I said Evolution “takes you on a journey that’s as intense as it is insightful.”

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Review of Kobra And The Lotus at Sonic Cathedral

Say, who and the what?! Yes, Kobra And The Lotus is an attention-grabbing band name, isn’t it?  And these female-fronted heavy metallers from Calgary, Alberta, Canada are the focus of my latest review at Sonic Cathedra.

A number of female-fronted bands are bringing back classic metal with a vengeance. And this year, Kobra And The Lotus seems to have leapfrogged to the front of the movement. Critics have compared them to legends such as Iron Maiden, Queensryche, and Judas Priest; and Kiss frontman Gene Simmons has signed the band to his Canadian record label. But after listening to Kobra And The Lotus’s self-titled second album, I don’t quite understand what all the excitement’s about. Sure, it’s heavy and powerful, and a huge improvement over KATL’s debut album Out of the Pit. At the same time, though, it “leaves so much room for improvement that fans of classic metal might find themselves returning to their favorite old-school records instead of giving Kobra And The Lotus another chance.”

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