Review of Edenbridge’s “The Bonding” Now at Sonic Cathedral

Edenbridge -The Bonding Cover PRINT

Edenbridge have been quiet over the past two years, and for good reason. Members of the Austrian symphonic power metal band endured personal hardships during that time, leading to the delay in recording new music. But as the saying goes, “good things come out of bad situations.” Edenbridge’s eighth studio album, The Bonding, weaves tales of pain, loss, and revelation into the band’s signature mix of majesty and mysticism. In my opinion, The Bonding is much stronger than Edebridge’s previous effort, 2010’s Solitaire, especially with the live orchestra. As I said in my review of The Bonding, you’ll hear “not only the band’s signature majesty, but also catharsis and hope.” 

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Here’s the official music video for “Alight A New Tomorrow,” the first single from The Bonding. It shows Edenbridge’s commercial side without compromising their music’s ethereality or the orchestra’s bombast. And I guarantee this song will be stuck in your head before you know it.


Coming Soon: It might be a quiet here for a few days. I will have a couple open mic appearances to announce soon. As for projects, my review of Agharti’s debut album Change is underway, and two other reviews (new released by Baliset and Second Empire) are also on my to-do list. Between working on those, my book, and poetry, who knows what will be ready first? 😉

MindMaze and Serenity Reviews Now at Sonic Cathedral

Since I wrote these two reviews one right after the other, I decided to wait until both were online at Sonic Cathedral before posting them here. So, here they are!

MindMaze -- Mask of Lies

First is my review of MindMaze’s debut album, Mask of Lies. This traditional heavy metal quartet from Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA spices up their classic sound with progressive and power metal influences, relying on creative songwriting and soaring refrains to heighten the excitement. Listeners may be surprised by MindMaze’s use of acoustic guitars on Mask of Lies as well as the clean, theatrical vocals of frontwoman Sarah Teets. I certainly was. And those surprises were some of the reasons why I called Mask of Lies “a thrill ride through the many sides of classic heavy metal.”

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Next is my review of Serenity’s fourth album, War Of Ages. Anyone who’s familiar with this Austrian symphonic power metal band may be wondering, “Why is she covering a male-fronted band?” Well, Georg Neuhauser isn’t Serenity’s only vocalist anymore. He now shares the forward charge with Clémentine Delauney, former Whyzdom frontwoman and Serenity’s touring backup singer since 2011. And the band’s evolution doesn’t end there. War Of Ages features an improved balance of symphonics and metal and an overall darker edge musically and lyrically. Serenity’s greatest asset, however, is their entertainment factor. As I said in my review of War Of Ages, “you’ll find yourself immersed in its majesty and enjoying the journey each time.”

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