New Grub Street Article on Music and Writing


Grub Street has published my article “Using Music to Enhance Your Writing” at their Grub Daily blog! This piece shares examples of how writers have used music to help with concentration, mood, setting, and character development. It also offers tips on how to practice “music immersion” with your writing, from letting your piece choose the music to tuning out lyrics.

Click here to read “Using Music to Enhance Your Writing.”

“Light” Update: Write, Rewrite,… and the Quest to “Get It Right”

I finally started working on Chapter 5 of “Light” a couple weeks ago.  When I opened up the Word doc and read what was then the first couple paragraphs of that chapter, … well, I didn’t like them very much.  *lol*  So I started rewriting the beginning of Chapter 5.

Yes, I said “rewrite.”  Younger writers consider this a “dirty” word sometimes, but – in all honesty – if you are serious about your writing and want your work to improve to the point that it’s ready for publication consideration, then it’s a necessary evil. Continue reading