I can only wonder why
I’ve sat here all afternoon with you,
watching October leaves flutter by.

The comfort of my coffee has cooled,
but the warmth of your hand is close
now that I’ve spent all afternoon with you.

I feel my heart blossom like a rose
with every glance you hold,
with the warmth of your hand so close.

From my lips, words fall and unfold,
capturing your attention, your eyes
with every glance we hold.

A chill sighs from the red-orange sky,
but I think there’s a radiance in me
that captures your attention, your eyes.

A new season has begun this eve
as October leaves flutter by,
as this radiance embraces me,
and I can only wonder why.

© Sara Letourneau 2009
Published in the anthology “More Great Writing by People You’ve Never Heard Of”

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