One breath, I am full
of air, so pure
and vital. I am rinsed
of dirt and sin
that cloud the mind.

One breath, I am whole.
Resting is peaceful;
meditating, so natural.
I savor the rhythm,
the rising and falling,
the tide of consciousness.

One breath, I wait.
The blanket of night
drapes itself over me,
closing my eyes
as if they’re shutters,
opening my thoughts
to dusk and the world.

I’ve found my life
and yours whittled
to waking and walking
many miles without sleep.
Sometimes, I have to
lie down and remember
to pause for a moment.

One breath, I see –
Living should be
a reflex, so natural
like rising and falling.
How could I forget?
All I need is one breath
to feel full of life,
one breath to feel
complete again.

© Sara Letourneau 2009
Published in the anthology “More Great Writing by People You’ve Never Heard Of”

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