Confronting the Enemy

I will approach you cautiously
I’ve never danced with death before

I will stare you directly in the eye
Make you feel my presence even more

I will analyze your every move
Always second-guessing, never taking chances

I will follow every step you take
Especially the ones coming closer to me

I will ball my tiny hands into fists
Pretending I’m stronger than I really am

I will keep you in my line of sight
For if I turn my back, you might just attack

I will clench my teeth and exhale deeply
I’m not afraid, I’m still alive

I will summon my every ounce of courage
Unaware of what I’m fully capable of doing

I will search my soul for that inspiration
Because deep in my heart, I know I can
And I will
I will defeat you

© Sara Letourneau 2007
Published in the 2007 issue of “The Curry Arts Journal”

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