Upcoming Online Event: Poems That Heal the Soul on Thursday, May 26

Hey there, friends and writers. How are you and your loved ones doing? Hanging in there, I hope?

I want to let you know about a special online poetry event I’m hosting next week that I’m incredibly excited about. And here’s what’s neat about it:

You don’t have to write poetry to attend.
You simply have to love reading it.

On Thursday, May 21, I’m partnering with my friends at SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio for Poems That Heal the Soul: An Online Poetry Discussion. If you’ve been turning to poetry for comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic, then this virtual event will be a great opportunity to meet other poetry lovers and share some of your favorite poems that have helped you lately.

Here’s the official description of the event from SheBreathes:

Poetry is known for its ability to inspire, comfort, and encourage readers when it’s needed most. And with the recent pandemic, people have been turning to poetry for solace, wisdom, and healing more than ever. Join local poet, book editor, and writing coach Sara Letourneau for this special online event where participants will share at least one poem by another poet and how it has helped them through this challenging time. By reading and reflecting on each poem together, the entire group can support one another and deepen their appreciation of this powerful form of literature.

The event begins at 6:00 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, May 21. Depending on how many people sign up, you may be able to share multiple poems. So plan on bringing two or three. That way, you’ll also have alternate choices in case someone else brings the same poem.

Interested? Then sign up for Poems That Heal the Soul here! Since this is an online event using Zoom, make sure you register for the event in advance. That way, you’ll receive the Zoom link via email before the event begins. You can also check out the event on Facebook here.

And that’s it. All you have to bring to the event are a few soul-nourishing poems by your favorite poets, maybe a cup of tea or a glass of wine (or another beverage of choice), and your beautiful, poetry-loving self.

In the meantime, tell me: Have you been reading poetry more often recently? If so, which poems or poets? I’d love to know whose words have been a balm to your heart. Simply reply with a comment below, and let me know how poetry has made your life a little easier while you’ve been self-isolating.

And, of course, if Poems That Heal the Soul sounds like something you’d like to “Zoom” in on, then register for it today. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the 21st!

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