Listen to Me Read a New Poem in the Latest Issue of Golden Walkman Magazine

Oh, are you in store for a treat today! 😀

I’m thrilled to share that my poem “No Darkness Here (An Ode to Metal Music)” is featured in the latest issue of Golden Walkman Magazine. However, you won’t be able to read a printed version of the poem. You see, Golden Walkman is a podcast-style literary journal that, in their own words, “aims at giving the written word a voice.” So all of the work they publish is in audio format only – which means you’ll be able to listen to me read the poem!

(Read more after the jump.)

What’s also neat about this issue of Golden Walkman is it’s one of their Dialogue Submission issues. The editors share a piece of instrumental music, and writers respond with a poem, flash fiction, etc. inspired by the music. Then, if your writing is accepted for that particular Dialogue Submission, you have the chance to share how the music inspired what you wrote and anything else about your process in crafting it. So you’ll also get to hear the song that prompted me to write “No Darkness Here” and learn more about how I wrote this poem.

Oh, and I’m kind of excited that it’s a poem about my love of metal music. \m/

Click here to listen to Issue 6.5 of Golden Walkman Magazine. My reading of “No Darkness Here” begins at the 8:10 mark.

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