New Poem Featured in the Summer 2019 Issue of Soul-Lit

I’m thrilled to share that my poem “Learning to Be” is featured in the Summer 2019 issue of Soul-Lit! This is the second time that my work has been featured in this online journal of spiritual poetry. (The first one was “Elegy,” back in 2013.) So it’s great to contribute once again to such an inspiring, thought-provoking journal that speaks to the heart and mind.

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Click here to read “Learning to Be” at Soul-Lit.

If you’ve read some of my other poems, you’ve probably noticed that most of them are inspired by nature. “Learning to Be” is different – it’s about how yoga can help others improve their physical and mental health. So in that way, “Learning to Be” is one of the most personal poems of mine that’s been published. But I’m also grateful for writing it, and Soul-Lit is the perfect home for it.

Also, I’d like to recommend one of the other poems in this issue of Soul-Lit. “Dreamcatcher” is written by BellaBianca Lynn, the poetry pseudonym for the friend I’ve nicknamed Yoga Friend on the blog. I’m so happy for her and this poem, and that we get to be “Soul Sisters” for this issue!

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