New Poem Featured in the Spring / Summer 2019 Issue of The Aurorean

The Spring / Summer 2019 issue of The Aurorean is out, and I’m happy to share that my poem “Twilight in April” is included! My contributor’s copy arrived last week, and I have to admit: As much as it’s fun to see your poems published online, where they’re easily accessible to most of the world, it’s just as fulfilling to see your words on a printed page.

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If you’d like to have your own copy of this issue so you can read “Twilight in April” and the other featured poems, visit The Aurorean’s webshop and select the Spring / Summer 2019 issue for $11 USD. You can also purchase a full-year subscription (two issues annually) for $21 USD, as well as several back issues and special editions.

And if you too are a poet? The Aurorean splits its focus between nature and seasonal poetry (especially poems set in the New England region of the U.S., since The Aurorean is based in Maine) and meditational, inspiring, and uplifting poetry. They also publish several haikus and short poems per issue. If any of your poems fit this criteria, consider visiting The Aurorean’s website, purchasing an issue to get a feel for their style, and submitting your work there in the future!

9 thoughts on “New Poem Featured in the Spring / Summer 2019 Issue of The Aurorean

  1. Congratulations, Sara:)). Oh yes – I completely agree – I love seeing my work in print best of all… And where poetry is concerned, I think that being able to read a print copy helps with the understanding at a deeper level.

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