New DIY MFA Post on Writing Exercises for the Theme of Family (Plus, a Quick Note About Iceland)

So far in our recap of the theme of family at DIY MFA, we’ve covered why this theme matters to readers and shared recommendations for books about family. Today, we conclude our recap with a “how-to” post – specifically, how to explore the theme of family in your writing. This post is filled to the brim with writing prompts and brainstorming activities to help you with different angles of approaching this theme, from demonstrating family relationships through dialogue and interaction to using major life events to heighten conflict. So, grab some paper and a pen – or open a new document on your computer – and let’s begin!

Click here to read “Exercises for Exploring the Theme of Family in Your Writing.”

A Quick Note About My Second Trip to Iceland

I’m still on a blogging hiatus, but since I’m home from Iceland… Yes, it was amazing the second time around. (Not so amazing? The head cold I contracted after I got home. Blegh.) The workshops at the Iceland Writers Retreat were informative, the flights back and forth went smoothly, the food was delicious, and the landscapes were INCREDIBLE. The biggest highlights of the trip, though, were meeting long-time blogging friend Victoria Howell and taking a volcanic landscape tour on horseback via Islenski Hesturinn (which I highly recommend, btw!). It was my first time ever riding a horse – and an Icelandic horse, no less. 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about my trip to Iceland, head over to my Instagram page for photos and additional insights.

One thought on “New DIY MFA Post on Writing Exercises for the Theme of Family (Plus, a Quick Note About Iceland)

  1. It was so fantastic getting to meet you too! I hope we’ll cross paths again in the future! I so want to do the Icelandic tour on horseback next time I go!


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