New Poems Published in Canary and Amethyst Review

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you had a warm, safe, and joyful beginning to your 2019.

Today I’m thrilled to share two new poems that have been published over the past couple weeks. First, “Osprey at Bass River” is featured the Winter 2018 / 2019 issue of Canary, an online literary journal focusing on nature and the environment. This poem was accepted back in March, and the joy of finally seeing it in print (and with a fitting photo to boot) has been worth the wait. 🙂

Click here to visit Canary’s homepage, then click “Next” to access the latest issue and select the hyperlinked title for “Osprey at Bass River.”

Also, Amethyst Review published my poem “Hraunfossar” yesterday! This piece was written after my trip to the 2017 Iceland Writers Retreat and is named after the waterfall I visited during a tour I took of the Borgarfjörður region. I’m still stunned that Amethyst Review accepted three of the four poems I submitted (“Hraunfossar” is the last of the three to be published), and I’m so grateful for the editor’s enthusiasm and support. ❤

Click here to read “Hraunfossar” at Amethyst Review.

19 thoughts on “New Poems Published in Canary and Amethyst Review

  1. Both of these are beautiful. I loved the ending to the waterfall one! Such a deep question – how to return to stagnating life after a mome too breathing clearly? Some experiences make it almost impossible to return to everything you knew. Beautiful. 🙂

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