Poetry: “How to Pack for Iceland” Published in Amethyst Review

Earlier this week, my poem “How to Pack for Iceland” was published at Amethyst Review! This is the same online journal that featured another of my poems, “Gifts,” last month. And as the title implies, “How to Pack for Iceland” was inspired by my trip to the Iceland Writers Retreat in 2017.

Click here to read “How to Pack for Iceland” at Amethyst Review.

By the way, “How to Pack for Iceland” is the second of three (yes, THREE!) poems to be featured in Amethyst Review. The third one will debut in January. I’ll share the link once it’s available! And many thanks once again to Amethyst Review for the honor of being included in your publication.

11 thoughts on “Poetry: “How to Pack for Iceland” Published in Amethyst Review

    • LOL! Well, depending on where you go in the U.S. right now, you’ll either see snow or you won’t. We’ve had some cold days here in Massachusetts, but North Carolina (which typically sees very little snow each winter) has already had more snow this month than we have!! 😮

      Seriously, though, John. Thank you very much.

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  1. Congratulations!! I quite enjoyed this stanza:

    “Waterproof your body
    in duck down and feathers
    and a tortoise shell of nylon.”

    But my favorite part has to be these three stanzas:

    “Most importantly,
    make room for the things
    you won’t expect to bring home:

    fistfuls of fresh air, wild and pristine,
    deep breaths of black sand and lava salt,
    the music of geysers and vast countryside,

    rhapsodic rivers and vacillating sky,
    singing themselves into your belongings and
    spreading like incense smoke once the suitcase is open.”


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    • Thank you, Mandie! I like those stanzas as well. 😉 But I’m especially happy you pointed out the three later ones, just because they highlight the overall purpose of the poem: A trip anywhere, not just to a foreign country, has the potential to change you and your life forever.

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