Featured on DIY MFA Radio’s “Meet the DIY MFA Team” Podcast


So, way back in August when I was at Writer’s Digest Conference, I joined several of my DIY MFA colleagues for a team podcast recording for DIY MFA Radio. 😀 It was SO much fun, and we talked about WDC, our tips on writing and attending literary conferences, and our DIY MFA “origin stories” (a.k.a. how we became involved with the site). The podcast is finally available for everyone to listen to on DIY MFA’s Patreon page for free. (In other words, you don’t have to be a paying patron to access it.) This episode is also a great resource for writers who are looking for tips on pitching their manuscript to agents.

Click here to check out DIY MFA Radio’s “Meet the DIY MFA Team” episode.

Hope you enjoy the podcast! Feel free to leave any comments if you listen to it.

6 thoughts on “Featured on DIY MFA Radio’s “Meet the DIY MFA Team” Podcast

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I love attending conferences. I’m attending a poetry conference in a couple of weeks that’s here in town. I’m extra excited because I don’t even have to travel to get there. It’ll be my first conference focused solely on poetry. I sometimes wonder if my interest in poetry doesn’t distract me from writing horror, but I’ve learned a lot about writing in general from dabbling in poetry, and really since it’s here, I couldn’t pass it up.

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    • You’re welcome, Mandie! 🙂

      Funny that you said you’re attending a poetry conference soon in your area. I’m attending one here in MA during the first weekend of May. And no, I don’t think writing poetry is a distraction from writing in other genres or longer forms. (I’m in the same boat as you there. *wink*) In fact, dabbling in both can be beneficial to your writing in general. You never know what you can learn in one form or genre of writing that can strengthen your craft in others.

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      • While poetry may not normally be a distraction from other genres, I may have discovered how to let it become a distraction. I think I’ve been consumed by poetry for at least the last three months, and no genre writing has been done during that time. Haha I think I’ve finally come out of the fog that is poetry though. I’ve been editing my horror novel for the last couple of days. Next week there’s an open mic and the following weekend is the conference, so there’s still a lot of poetry in my immediate future, but it feels good to get back to my other writing.

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      • ^^ That’s a really good point. If we dabble in multiple types of writing, sometimes we can “obsess” over one form and neglect the others. In fact, sometimes I get on such a roll with the novel’s first draft that I put poetry on the backburner for a week or two, even if I have poem ideas fluttering around in my head. I just wasn’t thinking about that when I responded to your original comment. *facepalm* So, yeah, it can be difficult to balance all sides of our writing selves.

        Hope you enjoy the open mic night and the poetry festival! Neither have happened yet, have they?

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