Weekly Writer Wisdom: November 14, 2017

(Look for this week’s #WeeklyWriterWisdom questions after the jump.)

This Week’s Questions: What habits have helped you become a more disciplined writer? What habits detract from your productivity or creativity? How could you nurture more productivity or discipline in your craft?

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Writer Wisdom: November 14, 2017

  1. I agree – music helps me focus when I’m writing. What gets in the way are my shocking sleeping patterns. Living with a mega-snorer for years has left me all over the place – even though Himself now no longer snores. But hopefully, I’ll gradually get those sorted out. But that piece of advice is absolutely spot on. Books don’t get written chatting about it on Twitter and Facebook, or having long evenings mulling over it in the pub. Books get written by sitting along and putting the words on the page, line by line…

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    • I remember us talking before about that, listening to music as we write. And sleep, too! I have trouble functioning, period, if I don’t get enough sleep. I actually had a case of situational insomnia for a few weeks after I moved into my condo. It wasn’t that the building was noisy (because it’s not, our street is very quiet). Rather, I was just having trouble adjusting to a new place and taking enough time at the end of the day to rest and unwind.

      I agree with the rest of your comment too, btw. 😉

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  2. Good quote! It took me years to cultivate good writing discipline but I feel much more productive now than I used to and much less distracted than I used to. Practice makes perfect!


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    • I agree, it does take time to develop writing habits that are both consistent and beneficial. I’ve already noticed how quickly the first draft of my current WIP is coming together compared to the first draft of my previous WIP – and I know a big reason for it is the writing schedule I adopted after my parents moved to Cape Cod.

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  3. I’m easily distracted (and in need of online resources while I write, so no cutting off the net 😉 ), but I learned to work through distractions: give in, go back to writing, get distracted again, go back… and so on. I might not be the fastest writer out there, but I get things done… eventually. 😉
    Other than that, 365 Writing Club was what had the biggest impact on my writing routine. It pretty much formed my daily writing habit and uncovered discipline within I didn’t know I had.

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