Weekly Writer Wisdom: October 3, 2017

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This Week’s Questions: How have your hobbies, day job, or other activities helped to inform your writing? Have you ever stumbled upon topics that either sparked a story idea or were relevant as research to your work-in-progress at that time? Feel free to share examples in your comments.

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Writer Wisdom: October 3, 2017

  1. Definitely… I feel like my frustration with my job definitely feeds into my two lead protagonists’. One rails against it, the other throws themselves into it, but both are desperately unhappy. I guess I explore how I feel about it through both of them.

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    • Eeek. I know that feeling all too well. :S Do you find that writing this particular story has been therapeutic in some ways, because of how you’re channeling your frustrations through your characters?


  2. I can’t imagine a single project that hasn’t been influenced by my external life! Whether it’s my love of music inspiring the idea for Heritage, or my love for pirates initially setting me on the task to writing Pirate Eyes. And to begin to cite all the ways in which my day to day life brought the spark of life to Eléonore would take a blog post of its own 😉

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  3. Oh yeah I draw inspiration from my jobs all the time. Usually from conversations from people or weird people encounters. XD When I worked for the British shop I got so much inspiration.


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  4. I guess the most shining example is my novel set in Ireland (or what’s left of it after a magical war): all my experiences, working, living, sightseeing became very relevant and I believed they greatly enriched the story.

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