Back from My Hiatus, and with a New DIY MFA Article!

Setting in stories isn’t discussed as frequently as plot and characters. Yet it’s just as important, using location, time period, and other elements to play a pivotal role, from establishing the protagonist’s “normal world” to creating natural or societal obstacles that the characters will face. But did you know that, in some cases, a story’s setting can also be the garden from which some of its themes can grow? The idea intrigued me enough that I devoted my latest Theme: A Story’s Soul article at DIY MFA to it.

Click here to read “Developing Themes In Your Stories: Part 12 – The Setting.”

Back from NYC and the Writer’s Digest Conference

Apart from coming down with a cold at the end of my trip, I had a blast at the Writer’s Digest Conference once again. I learned so much during the conference and enjoyed connecting with other writers (especially a number of my DIY MFA colleagues who I hadn’t met before!) and reuniting with a few I’d met in 2015 and 2016. I’m hoping to post something about the conference in the next couple weeks.

Oh, and the Anathema concert was fantastic, too. I’ll share more about that in Thursday’s post. 😉

As always, if you have any comments on the DIY MFA post, or if you have suggestions on theme-related articles you’d like to see in the future, feel free to share them here or at DIY MFA. 

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