Weekly Writer Wisdom: Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” (June 13, 2017)

It’s the time of year for college / university and high school graduations in the US. So I thought I’d put a “commencement” spin on this week’s Weekly Writer Wisdom, with one of the most inspiring, entertaining, and craft-pertinent speeches I’ve ever heard from an author – and it’s by the one and only Neil Gaiman. 🙂

(Look for this week’s #WeeklyWriterWisdom questions after the jump. If you’d like, click here to read a transcript of Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” speech.)

This Week’s Question: Since there’s a lot of wisdom to glean from this speech, I’ll keep this week’s question open-ended. What parts of Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” resonated most with you? How could you apply this advice to your writing / creative process and life in general?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Writer Wisdom: Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” (June 13, 2017)

  1. I watched the video just last Sunday when I felt like I needed a creative boost and here it is on your blog. Definitely not coincidence this time. 😂 I always liked his way of comparing his ultimate goal of being a writer to a mountain. If he thought doing something would be moving away from the path to the mountain, he wouldn’t do it. That’s some really good advice, according to me. He also mentions how he didn’t enjoy the Sandman journey even though Stephen King told him to and I do want to take that bit of writerly wisdom to heart. It’s good to be a professionally published author and working with deadlines and all that, but it’s important to enjoy the journey as well. This is one of my favourite speeches of all time, and I’m sure I’ll turn to it every time I need a burst of inspiration.

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    • Really? 😀 Great minds think alike, as they say! 😉

      “Make Good Art” is one of my favorite writing-related speeches ever, too. First, because it’s chock-full of wisdom. The part about Sandman and Neil not enjoying the journey of it has always stood out to me, and it’s a reminder that we need to remember to enjoy the process / journey and not just the end result / destination. And second, because it’s so darn FUNNY in spots. The entire “make good art” section always leaves me stitches. That’s Neil at his best.

      Thanks for commenting as always, Nandini! 🙂

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